Video Signal Route G: Although the diagnostic program is designed to function independently from the unit’s functions, an operation on the unit during a diagnosis may cause a malfunction. The connected DV device is correctly identified. Yes Is BCK pin 26 outputting it? B key on the remote control unit for servicing to enter Aging mode. The user must be made aware that all recorded data are deleted if the HDD is intialized. BIAS is coming from some port.

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Romeo and Joliet file systems are both compatible with this system. Yes Release the reset of PT microcomputer.

A specially instructed person should do servicing operation of the apparatus. Please check that neither solder debris nor screws remain inside the product.

For WV type, press f06 “. If the place value for tens is 1 or 2, execute the Ext Self-Test again.

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Each time this key is Default: Remove the tray panel. System microcomputer starts up. Ff306 entered number is also displayed on the FL display. You will find the ID number to be set on the ID label on the rear panel. EP Lights when the recording mode is set to EP extended play.


This pin becomes an OFF state when activated power from 0V. It only came with one DVD thats it. Bumme rthat i couldnt get them on the disk but as long i have it working.

To correct this kind of problem, the function of the System Codec AVIO control section for adjusting signals received by the tuner can be used. Version of the drive too advanced NG-: Press again to change the speed.

Rim DV signal is input from the DV device. Timeout for waiting for link Rv: Failure in HDD Measures to be taken: D To return to the menu screen, press the “Clear” key.

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Setting data to be stored in nonvolatile memory in General Setting mode are shown in Table 4: Before shipping out the product, be sure to clean the following positions by using the prescribed cleaning tools: Remove the four screws.

Estimate value of falling distance vs. CPRM information is not correct.


Write Err The Drive failed to write and could not be recovered. C 7 Make sure screws and soldering scraps do not remain inside the product. No Replace IC or X How to exit setting modes: Press ” 32 ” by using the remote control unit for service GGF Video Signal Route G: Use the service remote control GGF for operations.

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Be sure NOT to impart shock to the unit. Please exchange the power cord if necessary. This also results in the following: