It’s got a micro USB Connector on it. Trumps the XM-L2 hands down. My current and or voltage measurements are only relevent to anything that I measure. A light beam away from the missus in the land of Aus. Johnny, check out the 8th bullet. How many extra chips can be stacked on it? Highly admired and cherished member of Budget Light Forum.

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I will be dropping in as time permits, but the amount of time I can dedicate to responding to topics and PMs is very limited.

This is seriously the best announcement all year. But my first thought was: In for a handful!

Skip to main content. I hope you can find a way to sell or patent this to some of the manufacturers who continue to offer that crappy H-L-S option. Top Side of Driver: That is a fantastic driver for almost every need.


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The World’s Most Advanced AMC * 8 Driver |

Budget light hobby proudly sponsored by my Mastercard and unknowingly paid for by a hard working wife. Programmable v buck driver? How bright is bright enough Way to go Dallas! Efan IMR mAh As it is now, I doubt that would work as that would require a ton of extra output pads, but I imagine with some careful soldering that could be done. Please put me down for some, likeof these. So, what is it? How many extra chips can be stacked on it?

You are the MAN!! It’s cool so far, but not that cool, right? I’m pretty sure that would be like a normal driver, as many as you can fit on it.

The World’s Most Advanced AMC7135 * 8 Driver

When the price isn’t mentioned, I always assume the worst Getting Microcontrollers to communicate natively via USB is an exercise for a masochist, I might add: Please do not expect a response from me quickly. I am currently extremely busy with work. The only way it could be better is to make an optional version that works with an electronic amv7135.


There is always some soldering involved. I’d like to be the first flashaholic to orbit Uranus.

Diameter 20mm 4Groups AMC7135*8 Flashlight circuit board Anti-reverse ,output current 2800mA

You had me at the 4th bullet. This may be a noob question but is it possible to stack additional AMC chips in it?

Johnny, check out the 8th bullet. What makes it so awesome? Bottom Side of Driver: I’m thinking of those guys that like to hod rod everything. You are certainly one clever bugger.