Claimed output was ho but some people believe it was closer to Change site’s color scheme just above here. I need a new daily driver. ThunderHorse New Member Aug 16, Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe xaily one of thousands of communities. Stoplights are fine, it just depends on how many you have to go through to get to your destination.

They call it a PI swap, take the heads and intake off of any 4. There can be only one.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. These are petty gripes but nonetheless they are gripes I don’t have with the older models, and I don’t want to put a dime into the car appearance-wise; I want to buy it, like what I bought, and drive it being that it’s a daily. And from what I’ve heard, they respond better to modification.


My dad has a GT auto with an upgraded ring and pinion 3,73sand it’s dead reliable. Camaros and TAs are definately the superior car, but I cant just go to my junkyard for parts or upgrades. Contact Us Advertise Modded Mustangs: And, if dai,y are buying a V8 for daily driving, you shouldn’t really be concerned about gas because that’s what you are getting yourself into.


Get a edelbrock spider open plenum intake and go elbow to blower pipe and you have old school look with modern ballsout.

Personally I prefer the styling of the models over the New Edge styling that came justang Most were retrofitted but there could still be some originals out there. They feel like they lost the whole mustang feel. That is what the car should look like. You see ten of them on the way to work. Took an hour to call my dad who called my grandpa to get me out.

This brings me to wanting to own a newer daily driver. If you drive on the highway too, then manual would be fun! Good little cars if you ask me. Log in or sign up in seconds.

New Edge GT Daily Driver?

No memes, trolling, copypasta, or low-quality joke posts or comments. A fun car to drive is one that you fucking hate.

All I can really comment about the V6 Mustang was my friend had an 99 V6 and she brought it over parked it next to the 01 GT I used to own and came to the point that even though the scoops on my car were as fake mystang a pair of stripper’s boobs in Vegas, it does make the car look a million times better compared to hers.


The keys were still in the hatch lock so I couldn’t start the car and doors were still frozen shut. Fortunately the street was empty. Maybe things are a decade behind where you live, and my response would be that I’m sorry that New Jersey has to show you what class is.

That’s the fun of a stock GT, mash the throttle at almost any rpm and get thrown back in your seat.

Lord BlackadderFeb 4, Maybe where you’re at, but its a slow chick car around here. As far as manual vs auto, if you are starting and stopping in rush hour type traffic, or every 2 blocks for stop lights, manuals will get dialy.

99 -04 VS 05 – 08 ?????

musrang And if you really want, you can dress it up like a GT and get twin-exit exhaust. Not to mention the look SO much better than the old ones. If I had to buy a non-cobra SN95 it would be a 5. And unstoppable in the snow. They are made to run.