With its two Serial-ATA ports it is worldwide the first board which offers this coming harddisk interface. The very good features of the board including Serial ATA which is so important for the near future and the strong performance have put this product on the 1st place of our Pentium 4 motherboards chart and awarded it the title of “product of the month”. We like the board – it definitely provides you with very good value for your money. This shows that Shuttle is on the right way and is able to compete with the bigger manufacturers. Supporting the entire line of P4 CPU’s in the Socket configuration including the entry level Celeron series gives users of the P4S8X a wide variety of choices for their selection of processor.

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Zwei besondere Features sind der Reset- und der Powerbutton auf dem Mainboard. We’ll bring you an extensive test of Serial ATA in two months at the latest, when hard disks with this new interface arrive on the market.

You can also use PC modules, but the support is not yet official. We were rather impressed by the overall “stock” performance of our first SiS motherboard, the MSI MAX but it was not for really built motherboarc enthusiasts. Thanks go out to www.

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The advantages of Serial ATA are plain to see: Shuttle has made room for you to take out your RAM modules without having to take out your graphical card. It has a good layout, offers pretty good features and wont cost an arm and a leg. Immer noch auf Platz 1!


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Ships with the following: There has been made room on the board to install the extra ports. Besides this Shuttle has also placed all power-plug in the top-right corner of the board, which should give you a better airflow. Shuttle AS45 is a great motherboard.

If you are an avid overclocker, you can find use for a lot of the features this board has to offer. I have not previously owned any Shuttle products but based on their website, sus looks as if they are pretty good at releasing BIOS updates for their products.

Review: ABIT SRX SiS Motherboard – Mainboard –

There are various BIOS options that allow the user to custom tailor their CPU and system environment, which is something that we will go into further in the setup section of the review. SiS is starting to make a serious name for their siss by combining their efforts with the Intel giant.

Mothrboard Guides Cases and Access. The current Shuttle website is located here: Initial tests show that this motherboard nearly reaches the performance levels of the SiS reference board. Gaming benchmarks similar with iE-based board with PC Rambus memory.


Das Shuttle AS45 v1. This shows that Shuttle is on the right way and is able to mothedboard with the bigger manufacturers. Since the does generate quite a bit of heat under full load, it’s reassuring that Abit is trying to do the little things right. To date, it is the first SiS board that provides almost all the necessary components needed for the best performance.

Es werden sehr hohe Performance-Werte erreicht.

Something I’m greatful for is there are no small capacitors near the AGP lock! With Abit long known for openly adopting overclockers as their own producing a SiS motherboard, things are certainly starting to get interesting It is equipped with SiS chipset and offers a large set of features.

The performance level is biased toward the memory you use as running at MHz using PC offers the best solution offering bandwidth up to 2. Empfehlung und Platz 1 aus Tests Ssis. It is 468 improvement over the SiS DX and definitely much better in memory performance.

The ability to make use of all three DIMM slots is a serious plus for this motherboard and will help the P4S8X garnish the attention of enthusiasts and workstation tech junkies for motherbooard little but important attribute.