Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. All other drivers work perfectly except the rear camera. The Acer Ring is a neat looking interface, but its offerings are a little confused. This makes it easy to scroll through documents or web pages, and zoom into content simply by sweeping the screen — just as you’d expect from any tablet. The Shift and Enter keys are right next to the backslash and hash keys but we got used to that pretty quickly; the arrow keys are small but responsive, but the Page Up and Page Down keys double up as Home and End and usually we found we were just reaching across to tap or scroll on the screen instead. Acer’s Ring user interface attempts to put a finger-friendly gloss on Windows 7.

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The best Chromebook Utilities like the Wi-Fi switcher are nicely finger-sized but where Acer has spent most of its touch support is the Ring interface.

In ca,era to bobtier’s post on November 7, A notch above expectation.

If you don’t want to change the orientation – say while you watch a video or browse the Internet – there is a lock button next to the USB ports. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. And when you run apps that take advantage of the GPU for acceleration – like the latest generation of browsers, you get very respectable results. All other drivers work perfectly except the rear camera.

The disadvantage is that most PC programs are designed to use with a mouse so the menus, icons, buttons and controls just aren’t the right size to use with your finger.


Acer Iconia Tab W

The fourth iconi brings up SocialJogger, which aggregates social media sources such as Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. The centre point of the Acer Ring, labeled Device Control, takes you into a utility offering some basic settings for the display, volume, Wi-Fi and power. When you put the tablet to sleep you can use the glowing blue Windows button on the front to wake it up icobia as well as opening the Windows menu it combines with the power button to give you Ctrl-Alt-Del if you ever need it.

On its own, the The tablet slots into the optional keyboard dock at a fixed angle, and the relative weights of the two sections makes the docked arrangement rather top-heavy.

When I look at imaging devices in Device Manager it only shows a front camera installed 2. The best monitor I had the same issues on my Acer Tablet W The keyboard connector feels very solid, with two lugs on either side and a dual-thickness strip behind it on the keyboard, helping to hold everything firmly in place.

The third shortcut loads a web browser, called TouchBrowser, which you have to use if you want to make clippings to My Journal. We tested it by choosing the balanced power mode and asking the battery to loop video from a USB stick for as long as possible.

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It is capacitive, which means it’s fully touch-responsive with support for gestures such as pinch to zoom. It’s not the iconic camerw of design that Apple would turn it into, but it’s clever and practical; a small, single adapter with removable pins instead of a separate cable to plug in and even if you’re not swapping the pins for travelling abroad, you can attach the power pins in four orientations to make it easier to fit the plug into whatever power socket you have access to.


Acer ICONIA Tab W500 laptop webcam drivers

The tablet and camfra sections can be held together by a hinged clasp. That’s a shame, as there’s definitely a case for a finger-friendly Windows 7 overlay. It delivers pretty good battery life; 5 hours in light use, 3. As is often the case with tablets, this sometimes kicks in when you don’t want it to, but you can lock it out using a iconiaa on the side of the chassis.

An understated laptop with plenty of gaming grit. Clip the Tab onto the keyboard and you think it’s going to czmera the Tab into a notebook – and it almost does. To shut it down the Ring and return to Windows you tap a ‘close’ icon in the top right-hand corner.

We didn’t find Acer Ring particularly inspiring, and business users are likely to ignore it. Windows 7 Home Premium was installed on our review unit, but the W can also be configured with Windows 7 Professional.

The absence of a wrist rest makes for slightly uncomfortable typing, but some may find this more of an issue than others. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. This thread is locked. Conclusion On paper, a tablet with a dockable keyboard seems like the ideal combination for many business users, delivering full-blown notebook functionality and tablet acmera in a single package.