Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.. John Carmack has spoken out on the subject of dedicated physics cards and it’s not good news for Ageia. Advanced Warfighter as well as the Cell Factor demo. It turns out though that our hardware was a little glitchy, so we’re having a little revisit. Who needs a Physics processor?

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AMD has considered buying Ageia.

ageiia Branch prediction Memory dependence prediction. Aw, and the comment about the stream processing power and the coimpute power is hilarious considering that my current card doubles the performance of ANY ATi card in GPU folding, GPU compute, and all not a few, but ALL of my enginerring, and flow dynamic runs.

In games, physics processing must be fast in order to be useful; all calculations need to happen in real time, with updates coming each time the screen is redrawn. As you can see, in both cases Ageia PPU was recognised properly by the ageeiaand hardware acceleration is working too test applications indicates that both scene and cloth simulations are running in hardware.

The image of this card shows both PCI and PCI Express support on the same card, though we are told by AGEIA that this won’t be a retail feature but it is included on the developer cards ageiz their testing purposes only.

AGEIA PhysX Physics Processing Unit Preview

The PhysX PPU uses the local buffer to store a current state of the world, and as applications grow in their use of physics and complexity, the additional memory will be ageiia useful.


Without this information, we can’t come up with theoretical peak gigaFLOPs numbers or the like, for whatever they’re worth. I have no issues at all with PhysX because I run a card that supports it. It makes a nice paperweight now.

But they are not incompatible cards. Mail will not be published required.

How To Use the Ageia PhysX Card (PPU) With Latest PhysX Drivers

When we first looked at the PhysX features in UT3, we were a bit non-plussed. The PhysX was available from three companies akin to the way video cards are manufactured. Let’s take a look at the market: Aside from transistor counts and the like, we know surprisingly little about it. Back to news index:: In my case, I have one at the present time that will be moved over into my 3rd slot for PhysX, and when the new DX11 cards come out, I will be buying 2 of those, and I aveia 2 Blue 16x slots ready for them.

Oh this situation gets worse. Miscellaneous Previous page Next page.

PhysX runs completely independent of graphics in its own abstraction layer — it is a CUDA-based program, an architecture and standard designed to be used in a number of scientific and data-intensive operations with parallel computing. Advanced Warfighter as well as the Cell Factor demo. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile. The drivers after 8. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Views Read Edit View history. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Physics processing unit – Wikipedia

July 1 March 3 January 1. Much like graphics, physics is the sort of computing ayeia at which coprocessors can excel. That theory is not supported by real-world observation, unfortunately. November 1 October 2 April 3 March 3 January 2. Physics has been one of those industry buzzwords for a while now, and it looks like the company that raised the awareness could well be on the road to acquisition.

ATI + PhysX ban: even Ageia PPUs are affected ? | – PhysX News

The product is set to be available to add-in card users and system integraters starting in Q4 of this year; hopefully we’ll see them and software using them ready in time for the holiday buying season.

I am now officially boycotting Nvidia products forever.

Over the course of many beers, we discussed the PS3, PhysX and the future of Epic – so check out the interview inside. Tomasulo algorithm Reservation station Re-order buffer Ageiaa renaming.