These are located under the Settings tab. Instructions are given for performing the procedures from a controller over the GPIB. An example of a message with two commands is: Local Sensing The power supply is shipped with the rear panel J2 sense connector wired for local sensing of the output voltage. Page 50 IP address has been assigned. Rack Installation Do not block the air intake at the front, or the exhaust at the rear of the unit.

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Compatibility Appendix D Compatibility Command Summary The following table documents the compatibility commands that the Agilent N power supplies support. If the wrong power cord was shipped aglient your unit, contact your nearest Agilent Sales and Service Office.

On the Agilent Infiniium scope, the maximum peak-to-peak voltage measurement is indicated at the bottom of the screen on the right side. Page 50 IP address has been assigned. Page Index OUP The first parameter specifies the enabled or disabled state On 1 or Off 0.

With analog programming enabled, you cannot program the output voltage or NOTE current using the front panel knobs or the remote interface. If your equipment is susceptible to magnetic fields, do not position it adjacent to the power supply. Is the AC power cord defective? Common commands also control additional status functions such as the Service Request Enable and the Status Byte registers.


Appendix B Verification And Calibration The verification procedures described in this appendix verify that the power supply is operating normally and is within published specifications.

Don’t show me this message again. All displays and indicators are blank.

Agilent Technologies Power Supply N User Guide |

Ensure that the load wiring insulation rating is greater than or equal to the maximum output voltage of the power agolent. Queries the accumulated status ASTS. This can occur if there is a cooling fan failure.

Language Reference agilsnt Source Commands Source commands program the voltage, current, triggered, and protection functions. Turn off the power supply and connect the ac power line through a variable voltage transformer.

Agilent Technologies N5700 Power Supply User Manual

Local Sensing The power supply is shipped with the rear panel J2 sense connector wired for local sensing of the output voltage. An example of a message with two commands is: Returns the value of the operation event register: Attach a tag to the unit identifying the owner and indicating the required service or repair. Page 60 4 Operating the Power Supply Remotely In the previous examples, the upper-case letters indicate the abbreviated spelling for the keyword.

The programming range and monitoring signal range can be selected using the SW1 setup switch. Output Commands 5 Language Reference Output Commands Output commands enable the output, power-on, and protection functions. Also connect a short between J1 pin 8 and J1 pin This command and its query set and read the value of the Questionable Enable register.


In this system, associated commands agllent grouped together under a common node or root, thus forming subsystems. Page 4 In the United States: Queries the present over-voltage setting.

The display first scrolls through the four segments of the IP address, followed by the six segments of the Ethernet EA address. Sales and Service Office for service and The response is a real number.

Page 72 5 Language Reference The Standard Event group is programmed with Common commands as described later in this section. This means that you can remotely program the Agilent N power supplies using the same commands that are used to program the xA power supplies. The values are programmed in amperes. Differences – In General Appendix D Compatibility Differences — In General The following table documents the general differences between the way Compatibility commands work on the Agilent N power supplies and the way they worked on the Agilent xA power supplies.