Perhaps the old version interfered and that was why you did not get the wireless light on. Let me know how you get on. At this point, many people say, they’ve gone back to Windows and scrapped Ubuntu. You can see above that I am getting ‘Access Point: The device manager was missing the following drivers:

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Then make your way along the tabs can’t remember which oneuntil you see the option for Wireless Device. Hi — Zp written an easy guide to getting wifi working on these annoying Fujitsu Siemens notebooks: If this problem can be solved, it may help someone else. I wasn’t planning on becoming a hacker in the process: For me, it defaulted to being disabled, so enable it if you need to.

Has anyone tried this and found it to work?

I decided to test the Vista version and it worked As for the lan, I discovered that if you lj install the driver it works. I was tired of Windows, and thought that Ubuntu would be less hassle.

Since this whole thing took quite some time I decided to post this amilp and also to share the drivers with you. I finaly got it to work audio up and running with version 1.


HI i’ve got an Amilo i my wifi came on automatically in Ubuntu Or maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree? Can you tell me some more about using n-lite and making a bootable xp cd?

I just installed Ubuntu Can anyone help find a solution? Thank you amater for taking time to share your problems and discovered solutions with other members of this forum. Do you know where I can get the XP drivers? This is first ever post here.

[ubuntu] Cannot turn on wireless in FSC Amilo Li [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Then i googled a little and surprisingly no solution could be found. Sorry for my English, is very bad. I have also tried nohebook thread at http: Obviously, it’s all too late for me as I ended up taking the computer back and getting an Ubuntu machine from Dell so I can’t try this out anymore.

I’ve tested the version 1.

My bios version was 1. At least using the X86 64 bit software the three times and it finally boots up thing has gone. I’ve had my fill of reading about people getting their Amilo to work only to find their fix just does nothing for me.

BTW I’m sorry that U had to return it tho. So time to make the installation.


Drivers for Fujitsu AMILO Li 2727 notebooks Wi-Fi devices

Atheros wlan got the drivers also can’t remember the site and got it running with the vista version of launch manager but only with one small detail!

I would happily by slave-for-life to anyone who could get me through this!: At this point, many people say, they’ve gone back to Windows and scrapped Ubuntu. The wireless drivers were actually installed correctly but the card itself was switched off. I don’t seek XP drivers for my machine anywhere. amilk

[Li] Windows XP drivers – Fujitsu Support Forum

It’s really quite simple, once you know how. Thanks for this clear advice. If it is cheaper to order it from Slovenia or some other EU country, that shouldn’t be a problem Pedja samo skini nLite, prost notebooi program tesko da mozes da pogresis.