Rated 5 out of 5 by Dave the radar guy in the church balcony from Works as expected I’m powering it from USB, and have the gains set to 0dB since I’m digitizing a line-level input. Being a pure product of the original English punk era, I don’t get that hung up about tecchy issues in the end – we just used to go to Woolworths and ask if they had something cheap with pickups on it which would make a noise they usually did! The monitor mix is also routed to the main outputs. Install the unit in accordance with the instructions printed in the user guide. Mon Oct 04, 2: To do the latency compensation, I do it another way.

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Need to access completely for Ebook PDF user manual proaudio?

You will then see how off the metronome is in your recording by looking at the waveform. The USB Dual Pre is ysb full-featured high quality dual portable preamplifier and computer interface packed into a compact. Start Free Trial Sign In. Easy to use, battery powered, small, light, ruggrd.

ARTcessories USB Dual Pre Portable Preamplifier/Computer Interface

It’s simple and works great for that, drawing it’s power from the USB connection. When running off the battery, operational hours are in excess of 50 hours with phantom power off. Is it only meaningless pressure as I’m only doing this for fun and can get by quite happily as I am, fual I’m perfectly honest with myself Connecting USB audio sources.


I replaced it with a Rolls MP13 which seems zrtcessories be completely analog, so no digital noise.

USBDualTubePre – Two Channel USB Tube Preamp – ART Pro Audio

To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on or email us dial support juno. It shows up as generic interface on PCs.

Click ’email me when available’. The rugged aluminum chassis with rubber sides handles road abuse.

ART USB Dual Pre – USB Digital Audio Interface USBDUALPREPS

I guess Dual Hopefully, they will find a way to provide some Manual audio control. The monitor mix is also routed to the main outputs. When running off of the battery alone, you should get in excess of 50 hours of operation when artcssories power is off. Comes with original box, factory user manual and in-depth mod. Thu Feb 26, 4: According to the MobilePre manual the output jacks are unbalanced vs.

If you need to use more than xrtcessories mic on a Mac, follow these instructions. If you’re looking for the manual or specs for a pro artcesxories accessory which used to be featured Tools for Science, Education, Art and Conservation since specifications, dual xdvdbt manuals – dual xdvdbt pdf user manuals view usb dual pre art pro audio – follow the operating instructions printed in this.


Audio Interfaces – test. This device has unbalanced line inputs that may be of some use.

Digital Interfaces / Mixers

The construction of the unit appears very professional. Just to say – I worked on things a bit all the same, and artcesssories various settings for the audio interface too many overlapping choices for the Dual Pre USB, as it happens I have been operating these preamps for 24 hours straight and they are working great.

DV 4 image processor. Sponsored Links related to: It also includes an AC power supply which is not included when you buy it. Anything special to install, small manual is useless!

Rated 5 out of 5 by teratech from Super Satifaction with this product Two of these digital preamps were used in the construction of my first surround sound microphone array internet appliance. Wishlist Log in to view your wishlist.

The only issue I had to overcome with the unit is the mounting options. I’m very humbled that people are actually taking the time to look up web pages, etc.