The firewire port There are 3 USB 2. The laptop also came with a number of software and driver CDs, and a nice messenger bag. Batteries, standard towards the bottom, 9-cell at the top The speakers are nice and loud and are located unobtrusively near the underside of the laptop. With any of these profiles you still retain the ability to modify the laptops settings. After an hour of installation the laptop was loaded with the following:. Located on the right side of the laptop is another selection of various useful ports, ideally placed for most users. The one problem I have noticed is that the pad gets oily quickly and should be wiped down regularly to prevent an unseemly and shiny sheen.

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For students or frequent commuters that require a modestly priced portable personal computer, the M5N is the sub-notebook to choose. With the LCD at a comfortable brightness and wireless internet access enabled the battery will likely last less than an hour. The M5N and Z33a, differ only slightly, and are in fact the same laptops with one having a newer generation processor. However, if you are simply a notrbook needing a computer for school, this just might be the right personal computer for you.

There are no indentations in the laptop in or around the pad and the palm rest is not raised unseemly over the touchpad. Of course all your problems will disappear if you decide to invest in the optional 9-cell battery, simply lowering the LCD brightness a few notches will give you notebooo hours of computing fun, more than enough for a day of use at school for myself. With the provided Synaptics software, the touchpad can be programmed so that specific sections of the pad can be tapped to launch any program you like or you can choose from a host of other functions.


Aside from these hindrances to using the laptop as a university student, it is a wonderful computer to be able to tote around.

Spare parts for M5000

The Asus M5n on campus view larger image. The M5N I purchased arrived at the shop as a barebones unit.

The unit I purchased was notebokk basic setup; essentially this simply meant as low as the computer shop would go in terms of hardware and price. The keyboard is also well designed, the keys are well placed and took me only a few minutes to get used to, they are also whisper quiet, though watch out for the spacebar.

However the M5N notebooi a rarely used and relatively expensive type of ram, micro sodimm. If you do decide to upgrade the ram, to a specified maximum of MB, the processor up to 2. It will not be enough even for the most conservative user. However, most users will not miss this option, and if necessary a converter for the CRT port could be supplemented to make up for notebiok lack of S-Video Out.

Spare Parts for Asus M| Accessoires Asus

Headphone and mic output, and fan grill. Batteries, standard 5m000 the bottom, 9-cell at the top The speakers are nice and loud and are located unobtrusively near the underside of the laptop. However the AC adapter itself does have a problem of its own, with the extra prong for grounding, finding a suitable power outlet is a bit of a problem.

To start off, the touchpad is integrated smoothly into the covering before the keyboard. The speakers are nice and loud and are located unobtrusively near the underside of the laptop.

Depending on where you acquire your ram this should not be a pricey task.


Additional caveats include the issue of fan noise while using the laptop. The 9-cell battery is a must if you are planning on toting it around campus.

Be prepared to wait though if you plan on using the laptop while it is charging, as it takes significantly longer. The 2 card reader ports also come with plastic dummy cards to aus the interior of the ports.

Charging the battery is quick and fast…at least when the laptop is turned off. Going towards the rear, is the grill for the output of the asux, the 2 remaining USB 2. The Dell m is one such laptop that retains many of the features and qualities of the M5N but with a wider screen.

Ports With the Asus M5N you get a host of well placed ports that would satisfy the average user. There is a solution to this problem, there are numerous free programs which allow you to control fan speed and thus the sound it emits. This laptop is very sturdy, which is to be expected for a notebook of this type that is directed at the travel user. I have been extremely pleased with it and thus far any issues that have popped up have only been minor annoyances that have been solved to my satisfaction.

With a press of the button a picture pops up on the LCD that corresponds with the profile of applications you with to run. In terms upgrading possibilities, this is a category where the laptop, when compared to other similar types, could do better.