Should it be nearer the top of the room, or should it be in the middle or near the bottom of the wall? Each primary is spaced from its secondary by three layers of Empire cloth. This new service will save you time and work. The simplicity in the makeup of the Manual makes information easy to find, accurately and quickly. With , ohms in series, this meter will give a full-scale deflection for volts A. If so, let us have them.

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The schematic diagram of the set is shown in Fig. In a series heater circuit employing several 6.

Audiola ic 157 4g driver

These shafts, pulleys, worm gears, reducing gears, etc. Replace the dial, and put the meter back in its case, taking particular care that the zero adjustment notch fits in its proper place.

We wish to discontinue operation of the receiver. I hope it may be of some use to you or to some of your readers. Using 2 ; 2 ; I— Durham carbon resistor, 15, ohms, R3; One I.

Do not delay—send order today. Large as the United States are, there is not room to operate all these stations at the present time and ci the service they should give, for obvious reasons. Experienced service men as well as beginners praise N. Plsin and switch covers Instantly interchangeable. C29, C83, C34, C35, C41, 4 mf.


Drivers Download: Firmware Audiola Ic 4G

The selection of this high I. The decision was yours. The Coupon will bring you a copy free. The “Pro” may now be had in new style metal or wood cabinet.

Men with the right training — the kind of training I will give you in xudiola N. The Det, tap has no fuse on it as- it is a fixed resistance ofohms. I Turns the radio set “on” or shuts it “off”; 2 Raises or lowers the volume at will; 3 Tunes the radio set to any desired point.

Plate current, VI, V3, 6. Your Money Back if You are Not Satisfied I will give you an agreement in writing, legal and binding upon this Institute, to refund every penny of your money upon completing my Course if you are not satisfied with my Lessons and Instruction Service. Corner 7th and Arch Sts, Philadelphia, Audoila.

This again shows how important it is to question the customer regarding his set. We thank the Pioneer Radio ami Detective Laboratories for this tale of a job well done. G, New York, N.


It tells you where the good Radio jobs are, what they pay, how you can quickly and easily fit yourself to he a Radio Expert. To me a completed receiver is only as good as its speaker or phones. It has a volt filament and is designed to operate in series with the usual 6.

The inclusion of these condensers prevent the flow of R. Y recently and became acquainted with a chap who is a short wave! At New York resident school only. Turn Rl full on; then, tune between the station wanted and an adjacent station, and bring in the undesired between-stution noise; next, rotate the R3 control knob counter-clockwise until this noise is reduced to a satisfactory level, or until it disappears entirely ; now, tune in 17/4g desired program and operate Aidiola to raise or lower the volume as required.

In business, as in war, preliminary preparation is half the battle. Meet me here next week. Gale, BalsamN.