Read about this change in our blog post. Signing and Checking Code with Authenticode. Signing Code with Microsoft Authenticode Technology. The certificate data includes the publisher’s public cryptographic key. Being on the “Fast Ring” of Windows 10, I got a strange behaviour on my own setup executables:

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As user GSerg pointed outthe reason for the error in my initial question was that I’m using SHA-1 only which is ” deprecated ” by Microsoft since You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub.

I’m SHA-1 signing them with Authenticode since years the same way and never had any problems.

All About Authenticode

Browsers typically exhibit a warning message explaining the possible authenticose of downloading data, but do nothing to actually see whether the code is what it claims to be. An Authenticode digital signature does not in itself prove that the software which carries it is harmless.

All an Authenticode digital signature does is guarantee that the software was produced by the individual or company named in the certificate, which has been verified by the authority that issued the certificate. Authenticode uses cryptographic techniques to verify publisher identity and code integrity. Let us know what you think. It is issued by a CA only after that authority has verified the software publisher’s identity. It combines digital signatures with an infrastructure of trusted entities, including certificate authorities CAsto assure users that a driver originates from the stated publisher.


You can also tell whether software on your hard drive has been windoas signed or not by right-clicking the file in Windows Explorer and clicking Properties.

If the program has been signed, the Properties window will have a Digital Signatures tab, showing who signed the file and when they signed it. If this DigiCert certificate plus waiting to get enough reputation still does not help, I’ll probably have to swallow the bitter pill wlndows buy an extended validation EV code signing certificate which requires a hardware token and is more expensive.

Your feedback about this content is important. I window have expected that this still causes SmartScreen worries, but it seems it doesn’t. Is this page helpful? Unauthorized reproduction expressly prohibited.

This section demonstrates how to sign code by creating digital signatures and associating them with files using Authenticode technology. This hash value is included in a catalog file. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

An Authenticode digital signature allows you to be sure that the software is genuine, not a Trojan or other malicious program masquerading as another product. When viewing the properties of the just downloaded setup executable, it shows the signature, and tells me that the signature is valid.

All About Authenticode

aythenticode The code cannot simply be signed, it also needs to be “cross-signed” with a certificate provided by Microsoft. Signing Code with Microsoft Authenticode Technology. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. If a test category for the device type is included in this list, the software publisher should obtain a WHQL release signature for the driver package However, if the HCK does not have a test program for the device type, the software publisher can sign the driver package by using the Microsoft Authenticode technology.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. So I’m now having a Thawte Authenticode code signing certificate and a DigiCert Authenticode code signing certificate. Plus, there is a Symantec posting, that claims: It only took about one single day until the SmartScreen filter did pick it up and not warn about it anymore.

I’ve seen that my current certificate is SHA However, the person or organization that signed the software had to prove who they athenticode to the authority that issued the certificate.

Authenticode allows users to verify the identity of the software publisher by chaining the certificate in the digital signature up to a trusted root certificate.

Authenticode Digital Signatures

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