AppArmor Filesystem Enabled [ 0. C Netfilter Core Team [ At the moment i am not quiet sure what you mean with “digital antenna” Setting latency timer of device Tja ist leider net so dolle des ding.

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[ubuntu] AverTV Hybrid Super

Processor [P] supports 8 throttling states [ 1. Registered protocol family 20 [ 0. Attached scsi generic sg0 type 0 [ 5.

I don’t know much about the stuff in there SCO Voice Link ver 0. Sorry, war kurz weg. Found ITF chip at 0xe80, revision 3 [ Hybriv protocol family 10 [ The firmware link is down, but i’ve found it on a russian side Also, mir scheint so, als ob das Bild ein wenig besser geworden ist.

Successfully loaded version 2. Do you thing there is a chance that support will be added in a little while? So analogue TV doesn’t seem to work somehow When searching for channels, no channel can be found December 19th, 4.


Hightech Information System Ltd.

TSC mode is ‘asynchronous’, kernel timer mode is ‘normal’. Core revision [ 0.

Is it possible to get it work? Boot video device [ 1.

Well here ist the dmesg output! When i start Kaffeine a message appears: Invalid position buffer, using LPIB read method instead.

Avermedia AVerTV Super 007 Series Specification

December 19th, 3. December 20th, 9. Scanning for PnP cards Allocating bytes of per cpu data [ 0.

Registered protocol family 17 [ Die Karte wird erkannt L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter [ Registered protocol family 16 [ 0. My Tv Tuner is called: Actually the problem is that in the area where i live here in Germany, there are only two channels i guess which you can receive with the help of an antenna Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

December 20th, 7.