During this wait, the following message is displayed. You may also like. It will prolong the life of the rollers. Most good quality scanners or better will last three to five years. Fujitsu fi Document Scanner Like its name implies, this feature can detect a small amounts of color on an otherwise bitonal document, if that color is concentrated as a single object. There are no compatible drivers for this device.

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A full invoice should be emailed to the winner by the auctioneer within a day or two. When the file is found, double click on the file with your mouse or select OPEN. After approximately two and a half minutes, the calibration process is complete, and the control sheets are ejected. The two greatest influences, however, have little to do with the scanner’s rated speed. The important thing to know is that ISIS processes images through pipes, so you specteum to create the right pipe.

Depending on the variety of color documents and specgrum of confidence, users can set VRS to “trap” any images where the color content may be very close to the aggressiveness threshold and thus may need user intervention. In addition, users are able to replace their production scanner’s rollers and lamps without needing to send the scanner back to the factory or needing a service call.


Another way to think about it is that the higher you set the aggressiveness threshold, the harder the scanner looks for small color objects. Buyer’s premium online generally differs from onsite. This is not an exact science, so you will not need to spend a lot of time estimating; if you enter a setting that doesn’t catch everything, the scanner will simply stop, you can change the ignore by size setting and quickly reefed the document.


We will send you a notification when the item bidding is about to end. Glass Platen Cat No: Re-install the software, then install the card. When you’re ready to connect your application software to Spectrum, you will need to choose the appropriate scanner driver based on what toolkit your software was written with.

This interlock protects the user from the possibility of the transport running while the user panel is open. Some basic settings that affect the throughput of your scanner speed, rated in pages per minute PPM include:. When you press the STOP button, all scanner activity halts. Power up the PC scan station and log in. Deskew – make sure there is no check in the checkbox next to the Deskew option on Skew tab in the VRS Interactive Propertie s dialog box if there is a check, click on the checkbox to remove it Rotation – click on the Rotation tab in the Advanced Properties dialog box and select a value of zero for both front and back page rotation Annotation – click on the Endorser tab in the Advanced Properties dialog box and click the No Endorser and No Annotation checkbox or, if you are physically imprinting on each scanned document, click the Enable Mechanical Endorser Only checkbox Barcode and patch code recognition – disable through your scanning application Impact: The bar code feature resides in the scanning software application.

Bowe Bell Howell Copiscan 8000 Plus Flatbed Scanner

The Spectrum scanners offer: Buyer understands and agrees: To check which version of ImageControls your application uses, click on the Help copiscsn option on your application’s toolbar, select About and look for the version number For example, your version of VCDemo, a demonstration scanning application that comes with your Spectrum scanner, might display “ImageControls V3.


If you have problems connecting your application software to the scanner once specrum have installed it, try reloading VRS again.

Removing the Glass Flat 3. Operator Maintenance To get the best operation from your 800, regularly maintain the unit. The actual cost will most likely be List Price less a discount from your reseller, and will also include the cost, sometimes hidden, associated of other items you’ll need to get your scanner up and running.

Try auto setting, else slightly darken output. When the user access panel is opened, a safety interlock removes power from the transport motor.


Many scanning users often have to justify the purchase of an imaging system by looking at all the costs over the life of the system. Open the transport howelll. Copiscan Spectrum Operator Manual 1. Varies per Consumable Parts Reseller.

Whether a small color object causes the entire image to be captured in color is based on whether the color content exceeds the additional Small Color Object aggressiveness threshold or not. Documents are delivered to the stacking surface on the exit tray, while the scanner maintains the original document feed sequence.

This is usually an issue with apectrum fuser. Such formerly troublesome items include: