If I need to use headphone and speakers simultaneously I need to use the Toslink output and headphone jack together. So ideally was kind of a hybrid between an audiophile dac and a recording interface which usually come with a lot of recording options I don’t need and are quite expensive. The solution is to buy from a retailer who lets you return your buy for another, similarly-priced unit which should work – 99 out of a hundred times. But with the right USB drivers, it’s a viable solution from what I hear And with nothing to compare it with, sound quality is more than good enough.

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Under Windows XP this can normally be found under C: If you are using a MIDI keyboard, you can and probably should monitor the analog output. Most Online 15, Mar 21st, The solution is to buy from a retailer who lets you return your buy for another, similarly-priced unit which should work – 99 out of a hundred times. I’m less concerned about da conversion. Tascam is really taking off as they are finally writing good solid drivers.

Best, lowest latency ASIO driver? – Piano World Piano & Digital Piano Forums

Basically you can record all tracks directly to a USB drive or stick without the need for a computer. I don’t think there’s any connection with the speaker company. I thought Apogee had latebcy out of business over two decades ago.


That’s why I suggested monitoring the analog output. Fewer people write in to say it works great and “I didn’t’ have to think about it.

Should be with me tomorrow and in time for a weekend of upgrades.

Key elements that separate the RME interface from the pack of others I’ve owned: If the budget runs to it, RME. Loow best audio devices are supported forever I seems and newer drivers developed year after year fine tuning performance and providing new features through firmware updates as was the case with the FFs.

Reading posts on actual music forums will give you a much better idea of what’s being used by experienced people. Originally Posted by johnstaf. Both the conversions from analog to digital and back to analog are included. I have full access to all the channels and it works!

Some just compute a buffer length divided by the sample rate and not add other unknown overhead.

Best ASIO driver / USB Audio Interface | Cakewalk Forums

Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Yes, my password is: Buying an external interface with such functions is just a waste. I’d rather have an external interface so I can use it with my laptop too. Dj HobbesJul 12, Fort Worth, TX Status: TASCAM is as cheap as anyone on the lower end, and has the best bang for buck in a couple of categories.


Beagle Max Output Level: So the UR22 is no viable option for me.

I knew the dawbench chart, but the only lowend dac I found is the Esi Juli xte which is pcie. Hi All, I have an external mayaEX 7.

If there’s a weak link on the monitoring side, it’s probably your monitors and acoustics, not your soundcard. Cactus Music Max Output Level: That’s why I’m looking for a good dac with low latency, multiclient asio drivers, eventhough that doesn’t seem to exist.

Asio4all works ok, but I hope that a product with dedicated driver allows for lower latency, plus multiclient asio would be nice. It might asii you more options? Missouri – USA Status: