They are touted as the perfect crossover between a putter and a midrange disc. Innova Colossus – GStar. Best Putters By Manufacturer Some of us like to carry discs from a single manufacturer instead of a bag of mixed plastic. Refer to these images as a guide. Although this disc golf driver has a wide rim, it is a….

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I love my bard. From Innova there is the ROC. Are discs overstable to you if they are ovesrtable but have a strong fade?

Players have asked for a foreha…. If you still have questions or would like some advice on what type of discs fit ovedstable best, please contact us.

Send a private message to GripEnemy. The Slammer is consistent, can fight wind, and is an excellent driving and approach putter. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a variet…. Overstable discs also generally work better for forehand throws and shots where you need a big fade. The Dynamic Discs Slammer just recently overtook the Suspect as our recommendation of the best overstable putter. It is a slightly different mold than the Shark.


Just when you think this disc is going to fade to the ground, it glides some more.

Best Disc Golf Putter

Submit a new text post. Next 10 Best-Selling Putters — Innova Colossus – GStar. An out of the box roller. However the Drone just doesn’t seem fly very good or maybe it’s just not comfortable in my hand.

Best Overstable Distance Drivers – Disc Golf Reviewer

It is my personal, go-to overstable midrange when I need predictability. Great for spike hyzers, sidearm shots, backhand throws and overhead throws. The Innova Brst Caiman is an overstable mid range driver inspired by the Gator.

The Innova Champion Colossus is an overstable max distance driver with predictable high speed turn and reliable fade.

I’ll go ahead and say it, Roc. Opposite gest lefties, i. In the hand you feel the lower profile. Find all posts by GripEnemy. You may not vote on this poll. Innova Gator – Star. Send a private message to Technohic. Innova Boss – Echo Star.


Discs with a low fade rating are the more understable. Kastaplast Berg Check Pricing Best Putter for Driving Sometimes you need to throw a putter with some power from the tee, but not all putters can handle power and maintain control. A solid putter will also allow you to putt consistently from both inside the circle and further out into the approach zone.

The Z I have is a meat hook! Discs with a high fade rating are predictable even in wind and considered more overstable. It’s like a low profile Roc with a bit more speed. It is great for hyzer putting, sidearm approaches and backhand spikes.