Both articles do not have the download drivers or to be found or from anywhere. But when I connect the audio out to the line in of the motherboard I only listen the windows sound, games music, multimedia reproductor but not tv sound. I bought Msi Neo2 Platinum include Cmedia audio codec mainboard. Voodooghost on January, Win 7 Pro 64bit. Even Asus ssssh, wash my mouth has installed this soundchip.

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When system staret is quiet. I tried to setup Windows and different drivers, but it didn’t work. I used to leave in AC This deserves a sticky. It’s a lot of trouble with CMIL on the board.

C-Media CMI8768 Driver

PSU repalced but nothnig changes. Anyone have any clue of software that’s best for what I’m trying to accomplish? I’ve already ran digicell and it says sound speaker not supported.

Just run it and it will install the driver for the pci device that was unknown. I bought Msi Neo2 Platinum include Cmedia audio codec mainboard.

Its all installed, but I sill don’t have sound This soundchip is installed vmi9880azalia a lot of mobo’s. I use Win XP Sp2.


C Media and Soundcard drivers

During loading Windows noise start. I too have had some dissappointments with azalia, i have a kenwood vra with both pcm optical and coax digital. I can’t seem to get advanced under audio properties in windows XP. Everything OK but I c-medla listen Tv audio. I have try all but I don’t get nothing, there is no audio. But when I press the left mouse button on Acrobat Reader everything is ok I can’t listen to music using the frontpanel.

High quality 6-channel audio with UAJ function I have requested and demanded many times from Corbell and MSI regarding to the above matters and there is no reply? Am about to try removing the device in Safe Mode, if that doesnt c-nedia, as a last resort I’m back to my creative PCI board – at least that obselete crap worked.

Check your driver it should be 5. This is the correct and new latest driver from MSI at http: But who help me? The Cmi9880azalia fix is simply windows support for Hi definition motherboard based sound. Both articles do not have the download drivers or to be found or from anywhere.


– free drivers from C-Media

Have fun with it. It seems that the gentlemen from Cmedia forgot a little part in their driver setup. Pick the one that your OS uses.

Although It appears in record properties. I think, this problem is result from Cmedia audio codec or microsoft Hd audio bus driver.

The Bios version is 1. I am frustated, because my XP Pro is without sound, I tried to change at BIOS to Azalia, and tried to install the driver manually with add a new driver but the system shows the same error. It shows under sound and audio devices in the control panel that there are no audio devices avilable What is missing, please help. Please login or register.