The packet starts with three short pulses, followed by two long etc. Additional wide character library functions: You can download the release from: Once you have made a recording, you can look at the result in Audacity. Here is a short check list of tips to greatly improve your chances of obtaining a helpful response. He used an Arduino and the rc-switch library to generate signals that are compatible with the outlets.

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However, I had no way of verifying whether it was correct or not except for the fact that 8 packets were sent. Execution count guessing and use of execution count guesses in stm8 register allocation improve optimization for code speed.

rfcat – notes and ramblings

The following will fetch the latest sources: By exporting the sniffed signal and analyzing it, the modulation could be determined. Past news Sep 17th, The topic always fascinated me, but never enough to actually start studying or examining how it works. Changed putchar prototype from void putchar char to int putchar int to improve standard-compliance and allow error reporting.

Adventures in sub-GHz RF land…. Web Page – you are X here. Short easy online fill-in the blanks.

Microchip requires that “The header files should state that they are only to be used with authentic Microchip devices” which makes them incompatible with the GPL. The packet starts with three short pulses, followed by two long etc.


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The keyfob used in this guide did not make use of a preamble, so we disable it. Provide an exact copy of any error message or incorrect output.

Here is a short check list of tips to greatly improve your xc1111 of obtaining a helpful response. Additional wide character library functions: You should lniux something like this: Since I bought my house a year ago, which has a built-in garage with a radio controlled garage door opener, I have played with the idea that some day I will learn the basics of radio and replicate the signal from my garage door key fob and open the garage door from a command line.

Windows release and snapshot builds are made by cross compiling to mingw32 on a Linux host.

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The image below shows the first of eight packets that are transmitted from the key fob. Simulator support for banked memory and bit banding. To use rfcat, you can either use the rfcat script, which is basically a wrapper to either Python or IPython c1111 is available that imports all the libraries you need — or you can create a script yourself in case you need c1111 do something a bit more advanced.

After that, you can activate the SDR from the power button in gqrx, and it will look something like the below screenshot which has nothing to do with this project.


Package: cc1111 (2.9.0-7 and others)

Hacking fixed key remotes You can ring my bell! Additional general utility functions: Improved handling of local bool variables in the mcs51 backend substantially reduces code size.

Though this will make your message lengthy, it will greatly improve your chance that SDCC users and developers will be able to help you.

Before this project, I knew basically nothing about the technical aspects of radio. Using this trick, the following 6 bytes can be ljnux from this waveform: Short pulse length – Long pulse length short distance: If not, there are other alternative applications you can llnux e. In this case users are encouraged to compile the latest official SDCC release or a recent snapshot build by themselves or download the pre-compiled binaries from Sourceforge download page.

The guide assumes that the reader is using a Linux based operating system. You can download the release from: And there is an upgrade mode available at power up. The next step now is to further analyse these blocks and ultimately decode it.

All but the proprietary key fob can easily be ordered online.