Enter the need for a driver for TheSky. The Takahashi mounts do not support PEC training. It is ideal for the itinerant observers wishing to take advantage of their optical tubes under the best night skies, like for instance TOA refractor or Mewlon reflector. The standard adapter plate on the EM is a Tak two hole design which fits Takahashi clamshell tube holders. The difference is probably due to some non-orthogonality of the optical tube. My imaging configuration consists of:

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farsnda To contact me, write to: With this system it is not necessary to use the focal length of the main telescope for guiding. In the picture you can see an older and transformed finder scope 8×50 for this purpose.

The polar alignment of EM was realized by the drift methodsince Polaris was obstructed from view.

All covered with concrete, insulation and paving stone. There is a small fee after a free trial period. Then you can use whichever driver suits your needs.

Astrophotography Equipment

The tube has a retractable dewshield. This filter, mounted permanently on Feldstein 6, it works fine, removes some gradients tsmma are caused by the action of light pollution. But, being away from the scope limits what I can dhuck or show you.


I chose this mount as part of an “ultra-portable” imaging system. For more details see the ReadMe file. But 24V is required for their “high speed” slewing support. Hi, Thank you for your answer. Software Bisque developed and is now including their own revised Temma driver for TheSky V5 build and later. I’m warning you these activities are punishable by intellectual property law.

Astrophotography Equipment

There are encoders built into the system, but these encoders are located on the worms so they only measure driven mount movements. If you have not selected to unpark the mount when you connect – then you must unpark it manually. My imaging configuration consists of: I have install TemmaLite from Ascom. I spent many hours tweaking the G11 but finally concluded fqranda I needed an upgrade. Ample back focus, over mm from the rear cell, has been designed in to permit the user to use a variety of CCD cameras, color filter wheels and electronic focusers or film cameras.

Collimation is easy to realize and makes it possible to adapt perfectly the optical stresses to the conditions of observation or imaging.


After several tests, I found that the vibrations are practically zero. Previously you had to purchase Software Bisque’s Orchestrate to get this functionality. ASCOM includes drivers for a variety of telescopes and mounts. SBIG’s e-finderI can do acceptable tracking, to even over mm faraanda length with excellent results.

It is available here: Details on the revised Software Bisque Temma driver can be found tem,a. I drive my mount off a 24V “wall wart” style AC adapter in the backyard and in the field off two 12V gel cells wired in series.

The EM and Sky90 can each be packed into a pelican case. JPG x KB.

I also use an anti-pollution filter. On my Temma PC Jr. After many years of dedication to Film astrophotography, I decided to “leap” to digital imaging, in part by the discontinued films, which I traditionally used, such as Kodak Farand Pan and also the higher resolution and performance offered by the current CCD’s.