L ong and loud. The most forgiving Driver I have ever hit. I did open the club face on a couple of drives and sliced the ball, probably about 10 to 15 yds off the target, but that was user error and not the club. I aim down the right side of the fairway and mash this thing. I was using Played my first round today with it and I absolutely crushed it down the middle!

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Distance Driven Geometry moves weight lower and deeper in the club head to produce optimal launch conditions and higher ball speeds for greater overall distance.

Just purchased the Hiobre HLS I love the XL. My father has increased his yardage and he is hitting the ball straighter. I just went out today to pick up a new driver. Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review

If you are interested in this club I would check out Golf Galaxy. I was not swing ing well at all and it was cold out to make matters worse. Strongly recommend this club as a game improvement choice. And hibors could always xla an ear plug to keep the hearing in your clubside ear. This is so we can show you the relative RRP of that particular set. ParroHead — This is spooky!


Thank you in advance for your thoughts. Suffice it to say that, at first, all I could hit were right-to-left-moving bullets that reached a maximum height of about 20 feet. This is easily my favorite driver model.

Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Why clevdland this review inappropriate? Only my Odyssey putter is not Cleveland. The XLS literally had half the spin rate of the revolutions to revolutions and maintained the same launch angle. It sounded like something had exploded at the bottom of the swing. The HiBORE is not a bad looking driver, provided you can get clevelnad the scooped-out look of the head, presumably inspired by the old Halo hybrid. Some models are suitable for a wide range of abilities and will be shaded accordingly.

Reviews: Cleveland-Hi-Bore-Monster-XLS-Driver-Golf-Club | eBay

It launches the ball on a more penetrating ball flight which is longer and provides some roll which I didn’t have before. Tried all the newest stuff out there on the launch monitor and the Hi Bore XLS was showing the best results for me.

I felt like my average distance was hurt by not being able to freely release the club ,onster fear of the hook.


Sell Your Golf Clubs. This is one good driver. Maximum moment of inertia generates Full Face Performance, maximizing ball speed and improving accuracy from anywhere on the club face.

Had this driver for about 1. I have the same experienced went throu. Hopefully I can carry over the range success to the real thing — on the course!

Overall, I’m happy I bought it and as I get more familiar with itI’m sure it will be the one I use all the time. It actually kind of hurts my ears until I look up and see the ball speeding down the fairway.

Today’s Golfer

Looks big and aggressive and plays big and ccleveland. Trying to hit a draw resulted in a duck hook often enough to make it a very uncomfortable undertaking on the course. The areas shaded blue indicate the range of abilities this model is designed for — from zero i.