You can also see that the width of the red section on the counterfeit is wider than on the real club. So, I am asking for a full refund including the original shipping rate that you have charged me for this transaction, and I will ship the clubs back to you. At least you know where to go if something goes wrong. I checked with the reviews and too many people talked about bad things… some of them already pay and have never get a golf set. Also, I read that Callaway clubs were made in California. In this example the counterfeit club is on the left. I was suggested this blog by my cousin.

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The next major difference comes in the form of the brand badge in the cavity. Do you really need any more clues. Easily the cheapest in the world, possibly cheaper than the cheapest. I am in desperate need of some new irons, but low on cash.

I am trying to get this resolved within you and me and I’m sure you value your ebay feedbacks. I immediately sent a strongly worded email to the contact who had confirmed my order, and then phoned my bank to counherfeit for their advice. They must have sold every set of clubs in the world.

When can you find the best deals in golf equipment?

We are here to help educate and empower golfers. Both sites sell cheapest golf cubs in da world and amongst cheapest in Shenzhen; send your money now.

How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs

We carefully hand-select every clubs to make sure that our customers will receive the best golf clubs. I countereit filed a dispute with eBay with their “new, faster process to resolve”, should I also do that with Paypal as well? Remember golf club manufacturers spends millions of dollars developing and researching their products to make what in the end is a precision instrument.


They look great cosmetically, but in the end, were not countsrfeit close. You would better suited going to a trusted local outlet who will fit you to the clubs that best suit you and provide the confidence the clubs are the genuine article. In which category do you come into? Just want to see if they are reputable.

Does anyone know if these guys are callasay http: Branding and lofts will be in a slightly different location on the club head Club head could be a different shape than an authentic club. I gave them heaps on the live chat and emailed for refund — no luck!

How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs | Golfweek

If Tag could trace the product, they would ban the retailer ever getting a shipment again. Rockbottom does not get it golf clubs of the calllaway of Titleist, Taylormade, Ping, Cobra, Mizuno through authorised channels.

Visa offers almost no protection, MC better am told that they will fight when counterfit — remains to be seenAMEX best which is why they probably do not take AMEX Also — these guys will post fake blogs saying they are legit. This is when a new model is launched the quality retailers heavily discount the out going model.



It is safe to assume that they are legit for other manufacturers. Hi everyone, i would like to get a set of iron Callaway, and I found a website that seems to be honest, but we never know, I would like to get your advice on that.

Complete Guide to Identify Counterfeit Golf Clubs

So if they do not get their golf clubs through the proper channels provided by the manufacturers, where on Earth do they get them from? Alan, Some early clues, if you really need them. Then came across this site and now I am extremely worried about my purchase.

The major manufacturers like Titleist, Taylormade and Ping…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be counyerfeit. The only way any of the major clubs are included in any form of sale is when the manufacturer informs the retailer that they want to put certain items on sale, possibly to counterfelt inventory. When my club pro put it beside an original Ping G15 every font and color was different throughout the entire club.

You may be aware that Titlist could soon be launching its irons for As for clones, they are what they are, inexpensive and good for the beginner or the player that does not or can not pay the big bucks for TaylorMade, Ping, etc.