Our tests showed that for a full 74mins It does not support overburning, which is something to note, handicapping it against the competition. Sanyo introduced new techniques to rise the recording speed and protect the user from buffer underruns. The drive is under developement so there will be many firmware updates till the final release, which will fix the bugs we mostly found during our tests. The drive seems to be able to compete the PleXWriter but needs some extra tuning to reduce the 0. As the program reported, the drive doesn’t “Caching” data or support “C2” error info, and supports “Accurate Stream”. Just place the CD, select 24x as the writing speed and after 3:

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Eleven 20x/24x CD Burners |

Using another disc should fix the problem. Therefore we only have placed the “Average Speed” It ensures instead that, throughout the write process, your PC remains fully operational and available for other applications. Some recent software games in particularhave a digital signature embedded in the software which cannot be copied.

New data is then loaded to the cache and the laser is repositioned. The drive denied to work correctly with most inserted CDR media with the 6.

There are some very standard questions that regularly come up. If it lost its place due to the relentless successes of Sanyo, Plextor and Yamaha, it did not lose the excellence of its products. With the CD Speed 99 overburn test we got that drive can to up to 93mins only with 99mins.


Yes, provided it has pin connectors Q: Its read performance is satisfactory with a speed of 40x max and an access time of ms. But we had to make the tests anyway since there aren’t any 24x certified speed selling in the market now. As we said earlier this is probably a bug b;1500p will be fixed with new firmware revision from Sanyo. This is hardly surprising, because this burner was the first to attain 24x.

You may use these tags: Mirai Technologies for perfect CD creation first bp150p, every time! Since the dataflow from the buffer to the write head should be continuous, this may cause the burning operation to fail.

However, it does have Power Burn technology, which is similar to Burn-Proof and prevents buffer underrun. The drive is under developement so there will be many firmware updates till the final release, which will fix the bugs we mostly found bp150p our tests.

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The error-skipping engine with the original CD is very good and stays in the same levels with the backup CD also. There isn’t any gap between the various Zones as Sanyo states.

It has Safe Link anti-buffer underrun and 2 MB of cache. As we have said earlier the 24x writing speed is not in the whole disc but in a specific part of the disc. RW Writing Tests 8.


Eleven 20x/24x CD Burners

The drive synchronizes the data already written with the new data in the buffer and repositions the laser “behind” the sector most recently written.

That is very close to what Sanyo gives as the recording time. The Lite-On 24x10x40 is identical drd the Memorex 24Maxx. It does so by means of a controller, which, throughout the write process, continuously monitors the status of the data buffer. The high rotation causes problems to the recorder’s mechanism and produces loud noise.

Like any self-respecting burner, the CDRW has anti-buffer underrun technology.

Sanyo CRD-BPP – FrostyTech News

Just-Speed cannot change the writing speed once it is fixed at the first stage of writing. You know what I mean. Recording quality, compatibility with the available blank media, and a number of other specific functions can make all the difference, not to mention account for striking variations in price.

Or you can call us on between 9am and 5. A real 24x CLV recorder would make around 3. So, the first 15 minutes are run at CAV, i. This technique helps to minimize the number of errors on a burned CD.