Not all Cell phones are compatible with all national cell networks. But you can find out by calling and speaking to customer service. How to get one? Next time this happens put it in dry rice to dry out in a zip lock bag. The phones are handed out at random, so the person just before you may get one make and model, you may get another, and the next person in line may get a third different make and model. I refuse to word service. Contact your customer service team by calling on your Lifeline phone.

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How to remove the SIM card from the free phone?

Bring Your Own Phone

I just need to be able to hear clearly on my phone. Great information thank you so much.

Is there a cell phone data plan that is 4G or 4G LTE that is offered from the California government free phone providers for a stronger and faster data reception and calls made and received better? As this is a FCC-mandated, government-sponsored program, called LifeLine Assistance, the financially disadvantaged can receive a cell phone and anywhere from to an unlimited crickdt of minutes and texts every month — at no charge.

But at this point in time, here are the leading companies as taken from our The List of Leaders: Contact your customer service team by calling on your Lifeline phone. You need to contact the customer service team for the company you are trying to switch to. And thanks for the kind words. We are humbled by your effusive praise.


I bought a lg tribute hd boost mobile prepaid phone from target. It is what it is as being free for those in need. Can I transfer my service to a Samsung note 4?

Cricket UTStarcom UM100C SOFTWARE WINDOWS XP – 2wire Computers & Internet

Then another article pointed to notedthe FCC has yet to collect the vast majority of those fines two years later, and lawmakers have started to take notice. Not all Cell phones are compatible with all national cell networks. Read the article, Pamela. We are not the right people to ask about cell phone technology, Sharon.

Itcard availa is a large, very rugged phone, which is what I needand it has dual Sim availability. We just had the cable company internet guy here at the office four for and a half hours yesterday and when he left, nothing was resolved. Hope this helps you out: You can contact them by calling on your free government cell phone. When I plug it in to recharge it, no change.

So the question I have is which phone can I get that will work with it. I got a statement from Department of Social Security showing I had no income for the whole year will this suffice? We never comment on tech issues, Gary. You can find the state listings here: However their tech support is less than stellar and I can not get any answer from them without providing an IMEI number, and since it is sold online I can not do that.


This is one type of question we never answer, Valerie.

QuickLink Mobile by Smith Micro Software – Should I Remove It?

Newer model phones have been wired to be compatible with both technologies. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I wanna say that when I applied mibile was something quicllink about service area. Now open Up Cricket Wireless application on your desktop or start menu, and continue with the normal modem activation of the wizard that appears.

Their tech support staff is useless. I have just received my free government qlink phone.


Ron Stone Level 2 Expert Answers. Please help me to figure this out or let me know which phone compares so that I can quick,ink a case for my phone.

Often, the easiest outcome for both the FCC and companies after a notice of apparent liability is reaching a settlement, which is intended to protect the consumer as well as a long and drawn-out court case would.