Of course, this is not intended for watching on a set, but rather on your Mac. QAM is the modulation scheme the cable TV operators are using for their digital channels, and is totally incompatible with over the air digital television. Still requires cable box for some channels. See any errors on this page? It costs a little more, and that is pretty much the only way you can tell them apart. It will connect to an outdoor antenna I live in the country , or to a cable TV drop.

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This is a good product; buy it and you won’t be disappointed!!!

The included software is fully featured and pretty easy to use. It crashed reliably whenever there was a weak signal and in the end my computer just stopped seeing eytv over USB. This allows you to convert old analog video tapes to a digital format, allowing you to archive them on your computer or on DVD.

Also, I record shows when I watch them so I can pause it in case I have to run an errand. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from A Fine Product There are two versions of the product, one produced before late January, and one produced after.

The movie channels are, of course, scrambled, so they cannot be watched using the EYETV Plus, but the off air and basic channels can. Rated 4 out of 5 eetv Cmurockstar from Just what it says Just like prior EyeTV and Elegato products, this is a solid piece of hardware and software I bought this after using the Equinux Tubestick Hybrid for the last year and a half. My old PowerBook G4 works with it just fine.


The small external device connects to your computer via a standard USB 2. I had nothing but trouble with the Tubestick. See any errors on this page?

Elgato EyeTV TV Tuner Plus | eBay

It allows a Mac to be used as a DVR, and works with two different services to schedule recordings. Be the first to review this item. Device Type USB 2. Your mileage may vary but I have found this product excellent so far.

The device does all the encoding, so there is very little load on the computer processor. Analog Import In addition to working with TV signals, you can also import video from any analog source. Toast 8 Basic included required for disc burning Hardware: No Longer Available Update Location close. Do they really think someone is going to buy the PC version of the hardware and pirate the software?

You can set it to record specific shows, all shows in a series, all NEW shows in a series, or other wild card like everything with a specific actor.


It will connect to an outdoor antenna I live in the countryor to a cable TV drop.

Elgato 10020780 EyeTV TV Tuner 250 Plus

Rated 5 out of 5 by Sirons from Excellent Product. It comes with the EyeTV software package to watch and record TV, making it a great choice for watching and recording television programs on your Mac. It even comes with a dedicated remote control, allowing you to operate the computer just like a TV.

This is the perfect companion for fyetv wishing to turn their Front Row-equipped Mac mini into a true media center computer. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Yes, analog is better in a perfect world, but cable TV systems are far from perfect! This device also works as a digital over-the-air TV tuner and recorder, which is handy. Also, eywtv a lot eystv than buying an HDTV. Still requires cable box for some channels. Or you can export to QuickTime.

This lets you easily eyeyv video to watch on your iPod. The only downside is that the software requires keying in a really long key.