Windows Vista runs flawlessly on this tablet and I recommend that people who decide to invest in a Vista tablet invest in at least 2GB of RAM as well for much improved performance. There is also a 3-in-1 memory card reader on the front. The different power plans for the battery and performance. Wow quite well set out: The brightness of the screen itself may be adjusted for power management quite easily.

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The LCD panel display. The reception distance is also very impressive I was able to secure a signal and use the Internet connection from well over 50 feet away from my router although, depending on the obstacles between the computer and wireless router, users may find that connectivity varies with distance. This is my first tablet so I was expecting a little graininess, but there was none present. There is a wireless switch on the left side of the unit which controls the WiFi accessibility of the computer, something that is handy for situations where power management is important.

I have absolutely horrible hand writing. Fujitsu also offers enough customization options to make Scannef Drink founders jealous.

Fujitsu LifeBook T Specs – CNET

The colors jump right out of the screen with excellent contrast and brightness. Fortunately, there is a company which not only promises quality, their brand name is synonymous with excellence. I never found myself slipping around or wishing for more response.

I actually tried using the unit with the battery and discovered that, depending on the amount of usage, I was able to squeeze out 4 hours while using Adobe Photoshop and iTunes. It has truly been optimized for tablet input.


This is a huge help and allows me to take a step in the right direction in getting this thing working properly. Some people complain that it is ugly and in the way, but I think the exact opposite. Join the community here.

The Shock fkjitsu utility is annoying as I stated earlier, but that is about the only quirky Fujitsu software that was factory installed. Otherwise, you will not be able to hear anything very well. Front view of the T in notebook mode. That is why I recommend spending 15 dollars and purchasing a plastic cover that will protect your keys and touchpad from dirt, dust or any other solid state nuisance. This score would have been higher, but a software error, which can’t be attributed to the T, caused it to fail one of the tests.

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Fujitsu LifeBook T4220 Tablet PC User Review

I am so glad Fujitsu decided to go with a touchpad. I found that the downloading and uploading speeds on certain websites compared to a computer using an actual Ethernet cable can be anywhere from just as fast to two times as 4t220. It has a little bit of flex, but that really softens the keys up, which is my personal preference. If you are in a car you may notice it jostling about a tiny bit. The pen input functions well in every application I have used and runs smoothly on the screen.


Nobody wants to send their precious and rather expensive Tablet PC to the shop while shelling out wcanner loads of money. The pen scnner is good, not great but good. I kept reading through those logs and never noticed the numbers in the part you posted matching up to the Windows Problem error.

Visit our network of sites: Nothing is cramped and as I write this I have four windows open not including iTunes.

The keys are white, so they will get dirty. Thanks so much for the fast reply and all of the info.

I want to make it clear to users or potential buyers reading this review that I am not associated with Fujitsu in any commercial or marketing way.

The Fujitsu T seemed to fit the bill the best. I believe this is so because of the plastic composite used in order to make the tablet as light as possible in the design coupled with the empty PC card slot right under and the heat generated from the unit itself. Have great evening and thanks again for the fast reply and help.