We do not match pricing from overseas resellers. I did notice, however, that over a period of time I got a little better at using the keyboard. PC Serial Cable eTrex. Package does not include a manual for the PDA functions. After synchronizing, maps are loaded onto the M5. This place often has the best GPS prices For one destination I chose “All Points of Interest” and used the keyboard to “type” the name.

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The negatives are small and for most people, insignificant.

GPS Review – Garmin iQue M5

The flip-up antenna is adjustable for best GPS reception. Then, just open Contacts and create a route.

One other uab feature worth mentioning is the ability to choose between night, day, and auto for the display. If we cannot match the price, we will explain why this is the case. Complex routes involve extra stops called “Vias.

One nice thing about the M5 over the iQue is the fact that the M5 has a removable, rechargable lithium-ion battery.

Staff have been knowledgeable and polite You can set the M5 to avoid certain types of roads when creating routes. The one thing I think is a negative, albeit a small one, is that the vehicle mounting bracket has the power wire permanently attached.


You can view our full Price Match Policy here. For one test I chose a destination that would take me through some unconventional traffic situations. They carry garmib good range of stock so you can actually check uzb options side by side.

We do not typically match eBay pricing, unless the stock is purchased from genuine Australian dealers. You can detour around a certain length of your route or a certain turn. Rocklea North Sydney St. At the bottom of the screen is an icon that cycles through showing navigating directions, navigating directions and trip data, or hide these two items.

The Iqe-m5 is activated by moving the antenna out of its resting position to any one of the four active positions.

I’m not through yet. Chat to us for a Price Match Close. The vehicle mounting bracket is the suction cup type and it seemed sufficient to hold the M5. During an active route you may want to detour from the original route because of traffic or construction. I suspect that the flip-up antenna being away from the body of the M5 has something to do with the good performance. Satellite acquisition was quite quick at less than 30 seconds on a cold start.


On any of the Find Pages you can search for a destination by: Customization The M5 has many ways of customizing most of the functions. For one destination I chose “All Garimn of Interest” and used the keyboard to “type” the name. After synchronizing, maps are loaded onto the M5. Auto will automatically switch from day to night when the sun sets.

GPS Review – Garmin iQue M5

You can save your tracks and display them on QueMap. User Comments Average Customer Rating: It would be handy to have the option to use the M5 wirelessly as it does have its own battery.

Our goal is to offer the widest range of GPS and accessories in the world, with the best specialist product knowledge, and garmmin pricing. Screen occasionally difficult to see in certain sunlight situations.

When you need to make varmin maneuvers in rapid succession, the voice will prompt both maneuvers at the same time i.