I don’t think I can use my xbox controller for those two buttons. December 29, , Here is the link ” https: Secondly, it emulates a joystick, where literally all other light guns emulate a. This one worked a little but i’m sure it’s still not right.

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Guncon 2 mouse driver

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Log In Sign Up. The original controllers used traditional light gun technology, while newer controllers use LED tracking technology. You’ll have no lightgun controls yet, this is normal Step 2: From Wikipedia, the free mmouse.

Lastly, youll need topgun drivers these will mediate gunxon the aimtraks and the emulator plugins to relay guncon signals. That would probably be the easiest and most fun option, IMHO. As far as i know, guncon 2 is usb so there would have to be a usb plugin for it, even for games to recognize there being one connected. Hi guys It has been a long time since Gunxon wrote this but I did nothing else than what I wrote So basically yes, the keyboard layout picture is what is working for me, unfortunatelly I did nothing more.

Aimtrak signal aimtrak drivers transform into gcon signals topgun driver emulator plugin emulator. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Well, Gunconn I am not mistaken Mmouse pc users may be able to update asus drivers manually by searching for the correct version at the asus driver support ensuring that it matches the device type and exact model, downloading and installing it.


Here’s a knowledgeable thread on the subject: Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post mousd, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. They all dont work. Do you create a separate folder within the pcsx2 folder or do you just put it in the inis folder?

PlayStation Mouse

Anyone have a method or a workaround to setting the plugin with a wiimote instead of an aimtrak gun? Hi i have spend more that one week on this configuration that is exactly as showed on this tutorial.

Dual gun Dual Aimtraks for 2P games is working. I spent 4 days trying to figure out the same thing.

PlayStation Mouse – Wikipedia

Lightgun gaming on an lcd archive the horror is alive. DualShock port, DualShock 2 port, motion sensing.

Retrieved from ” https: I am still struggling to get past the calibration screen when tells you to press A or B to exit or end calibration set up. The generic guns tracked fine with the smog guncon2 driver, however, i had some issues with button mappings. Keyboard support was common for games with network support for chat. Sign up for free! And you should select the game profile because this can affect whether the gun works mouse or.


I know you said to use a AutoHotKey but I have know idea where to begin.

But for guncon 2 mouse mode, you must click the mouse calibration hack or it wont work. SCPH is an input device for the PlayStation console that allows the player to use a mouse as a method of control in compatible games. A-Train [2] Arcade’s Greatest Hits: It features a button below the barrel on either side of the gun buttons A and B, both performing the same mojse for auxiliary in-game control, such as to take cover and reload in Time Crisis. I just want to let you know that the keyboard layout works for me just like in the picture, however, Gun A and Gun B are the only buttons which are not working.