Liddicoat Comment by Roger Liddicot — October 13, 8: Anousheh, I admire what you have done — not just with your most recent space expedition… but with the X Prize Foundation especially the most recently announced competition. Comment by Mitra — October 17, Comment by Hamed — October 14, As a women and as an iranian from her generation i am inspiraed by what she has accomplished.

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The capsule had enough space for 3 people. Helen underwent preparation for coping with weightlessness, living in a cramped environment, survival procedures and learning to pilot rocket systems. One of the early flights, I suppose. Comment by Tourang — October 12, 5: Comment by pseudo san — October 13, 2: Please click the confirmation link in that email to change your email address.

Next is the MOON…. Comment by Shawn Jacson — October 14, 5: Thank you for your beautiful words about our Earth!

In other words, a large section hxmed the area where the project is currently planned has been illegally privatized. Or for that matter procreation for the purposes of making babies in orbit?


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Please, let us all know where to look for you next. Dear, wonderful, beautiful, and humble Anousheh, You are so humble…I cannot get over it! Hi again from Portugal. Anousheh, You have been blessed and your giving back to others now.

Deemah Vol. 1 Mixtape by Hamed Anousheh

Hameed we love you! Best wishes to you and your family and your new buisness venture. You have never thanked your father who brought you into the US and provided you with the green card.

Comment by James Dunn — October 13, 6: Right now I found that Anousheh is involved in some foundations maybe sort of your suggestion: To Comment 16 kamran: Also, you are invited to visit Juarez, Mexico.

Comment by Joe LePage — October 12, 3: You are so humble…I cannot get over it!

Comment by Mohsen — October 14, The interview could have been done on a show with a more positive tone. Comment by Negin Mohammadzadeh — October 14, 3: Edit Profile View as Public Logout.

Comment by Ann — October 12, 6: Enter anousgeh email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.


Deemah (Hamed Anousheh) – Mr. Cab Driver [prod. by Jiroca]

Some centuries ago traveling to any other continent was a big thing. Hope you the Best.

Your responses would be appreciated. Yes, I agree that Oprah should have interviewed you for full an hour but you did just great anyway.

Mr cab driver lenny kravitz hq

When the time came for the procession to start, Amer Matrouk, the leader of one group, drew his blade and the men, some of whom had shaved their anouwheh, knelt before him so he could give them swift blows to their scalpsjust enough to open the skin and start the bleeding.

She said that now they do it in half a day. Flowers and Zoe’s ballet performance jsalas 7 years ago.