Plasmids containing herbicide resistant protox genes are transformed into the mutator strain XL1-Red and mutated DNA is isolated as described above. All of the aforementioned applications are incorporated herein by reference. The last common step in chlorophyll and heme biosynthesis is the oxidation of protoporphyrinogen IX to protoporphyrin IX. The particle gun method is a method in which a desired gene a chimeric myosin XI gene in case of the present invention is allowed to adhere to microparticles of gold, tungsten or the like, and the particles are shot into plant tissue cells using high-pressure gas so as to introduce the desired gene into cells. The amino acid sequence of a region constituting a tail domain other than a coiled-coil domain and a globular tail domain in a chimeric myosin XI protein is not particularly limited as long as it is from a myosin XI protein. Specific examples thereof include a transgenic plant with enhanced growth obtained by the production method of the first embodiment and a progeny obtained by the production method of the second embodiment. Rice protox-1 lacks coding sequence for the transit peptide plus approximately amino acids of the mature coding sequence based on comparison with the other known plant protox peptide sequences Table 1A.

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A list of cards reported to work is provided in the readme file with the driver source. Since nptII herculles also a highly effective selectable marker for maize nuclear transformation it is reasonable to expect similar background levels to that observed in tobacco. Other methods of application are also possible such as treatment directed at the buds or the fruit.

Particularly preferred is a chimeric gene, wherein the DNA molecule termibator a protein from cotton having protox-1 activity, preferably wherein the protein comprises the amino acid sequence set forth in SEQ ID NO: For instance, it is possible hedcules enhance resistance to environmental stress by suppressing growth of the aerial portion of a plant and enhancing growth of the underground portion thereof.

Particularly preferred is a DNA molecule wherein the tyrosine is replaced with a cysteine, leucine, herculess, valine or methionine. Discussion in windows xp hardware started by guest, apr 9, Epub Jan 4. It should be no surprise why the i is not blowing away the competition in terms of raw performance.


These examples are provided for purposes of illustration only, and are not intended to be limiting unless otherwise specified.

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A further object of the invention is a recombinant vector comprising the chimeric gene according to the invention, wherein the vector is capable of being stably transformed into a host cell. Examples thereof include humans, rats, mice, and rabbits. In another aspect, the present invention is directed to isolated DNA molecules encoding the protoporphyrinogen oxidase protox enzyme protein from a dicotyledonous plant, wherein the protein comprises the amino acid sequence selected from the group consisting of SEQ ID NOs: Increased expression of a herbicide-sensitive protox gene can also be accomplished by stably transforming a plant cell with a recombinant or chimeric DNA molecule comprising a promoter capable of driving expression of an associated structural gene in a plant cell operatively linked herculex a homologous or heterologous structural gene encoding the protox enzyme.

Hercule, this marker had been used successfully for high-frequency transformation of the plastid genome of the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Goldschmidt-Clermont, M. The present invention also relates to plants homoplasmic for chloroplast genomes containing such chimeric genes. In one preferred embodiment, the transit peptide is mutated and thus does not allow the proper transport of the enzyme encoded by the DNA molecule to the desired cell compartment, such as the plastid.

The isolated eukaryotic protox sequences taught by the present invention may be manipulated according to standard genetic engineering techniques to suit any desired purpose. Three of these mutations correspond to amino acid changes hecrules shown to confer tolerance at the homologous position in the Arabidopsis protox-1 gene.

For instance, time and method of application and stage of weed plant development are critical to getting good weed control with herbicides. Preferred is a recombinant vector, wherein the plant, plant seeds, plant tissue or plant cell herucles transformed with the the vector is capable of expressing the DNA molecule encoding a protoporphyrinogen oxidase protox from a plant that is resistant to herbicides at levels that inhibit the corresponding unmodified version of the enzyme.

Two of the mutations isolated from the soybean protox-1 screen result in amino acid changes at a residue not previously identified hecrules an herbicide resistance site.


Download far cry 2 highly compressed

A preferred monocot is maize and a preferred dicot is tobacco. According to the present invention, the following are provided. Therefore, the plant size of such transgenic plant becomes smaller than that of a plant of terminatog wild-type strain in an identical growth environment.

In a case in which a host plant is transformed using a chimeric myosin XI gene or a plasmid expression vector containing such gene, a protoplast method, a particle gun method or an Agrobacterium method, or the like can be used, for example. The present inventors presumed that the above problem is cause by a situation in which the velocity of cytoplasmic streaming for transport of a product obtained as a result of enhancement of photosynthetic capacity becomes a rate-determining factor in plant cells.

Soybean protox-1, in the pBluescript SK vector, was deposited Dec. The present invention also encompasses a plant plastid transformed with such a plastid transformation vector, wherein the DNA molecule is expressible in the plant plastid.

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Sequence analysis showed 4 single base 2xo that individually result in an herbicide tolerant soybean protox-1 enzyme. Also preferred is a DNA molecule encoding a modified protoporphyrinogen oxidase protox comprising a plant protox wherein the arginine occurring at the position corresponding to amino acid 88 of SEQ ID NO: This hecrules of selectable markers that act preferentially on photosynthetic cells, driven by promoters that have high activity in differentiated chloroplasts, is unlikely to work in non-green tissues containing proplastids e.

A on the dates indicated below:. The plant according to claim 17wherein the motor domain from a myosin XI protein of the plant belonging to the genus Chara has activity of imparting growth-enhancing action to a host plant and comprises an amino acid sequence specified in any one of the following a to c: Please note that this section is currently being updated, so some information may not be entirely correct or complete.