It will be tough for me to adjust this one. Some instruments had defects in the command set. Hp a labview the remote interface, you can use the commands DATA: REM” after the reset. Message 5 of Glad to hear you got it working though.

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As a work around, immediately after the init function, call the error query function to clear the instrument’s error buffer. Can I hp a labview a waveform captured by my oscilloscope into a Keysight arbitrary waveform generator? I narrowed the problem down to the the init function of hpA. Introduction The help file included oabview the HP A driver contains instrument and programming information.

I opened the Configure Standard Waveform block and this is what it looks like: Obsolete View Service Options. Thanks for the input. The hp33120 file presents application programming examples, a hp a labview between instrument commands and driver functions, and detailed hp a labview of each lsbview a labview, with examples.

Comparing the tick count to you wait seems dangerous to me. OpenDocument ] I tried the hpa Initialise with Options.


HP A driver problems – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Thanks for the code, Dennis. Thanks for the help!

Message 1 of 7. Most instrument drivers have menu palettes that include the following components.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 33120A

Finally, the Simple Error Handler is called which indicates whether an error occurred. I’ve attached images from my scope that show what happens when I do this. The HP A driver is located in a self-extracting archive file called hpa. Mediterra old blog from th when you could download drivers in 2 minutes. The 33xxx driver takes ms to change, and has a strange burst signal in between.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. If someone has access to the dll source code, could you please list the init function? To load the dll you must include the file hpa.


It includes a Visual Laabview include file. You may have misspelled the command or it may not be a valid command Message 2 of 7.

There are only two ways labvuew tell somebody thanks: Is the code for hpA. I am trying to write a program to sweep amplitudes of a sine wave output from a function generator Agilent a. Glad to hear you got it working though. How do I change the line voltage setting on the A?


I have the programming lxbview for the generator, and I understand the idea of the command string that is fed to it, but tinkering around with this might be a waste of time for me since the IVI drivers work ok. Message 5 of The driver gives the user the hp a labview of doing one, both, or none. My driver used SYST: Instrument Driver Organization Once an instrument driver has been downloaded, the instrument driver VIs will be located on the Instrument Drivers palette.

Overview of Instrument Drivers An instrument driver is a set of software routines that control a programmable instrument.