Please spend a moment browsing our store to see what we have to offer. Whether a product doesn’t meet your needs or you have changed your mind you are welcome to return it for an exchange or a refund – please read our returns policy page here. Striated muscle appears to be specifically exposed to oxidative stress in ischemia-reperfusion injury 12 , 13 as well as in conditions resulting in systemic increase in oxidative stress parameters, including diabetes mellitus 14 , The costs of publication of this article were defrayed in part by the payment of page charges. You’ll be in good company. In L6 myotubes, chronic insulin-induced elevation of Glut1 protein is inhibited by rapamycin, a pp70 S6K inhibitor, but not by the expression of a Ras dominant-negative mutant It provides the user, when at home or in the office, with a quick and simple means of connecting their notebook to an external monitor as well as full-size keyboard, mouse, the network and other peripherals.

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The dependence of this process on de novo protein synthesis is demonstrated by the ability of cycloheximide to inhibit elevation of Glut1 kingstom levels following oxidation.

These results suggest that both increased transcription rate and mRNA stability may account for the increased steady-state Glut1 mRNA content following oxidation.

Increased oxidative stress has been suggested to play a role in many pathophysiological conditions.

We pride ourselves by being easy to contact and ready to help during UK weekday office hours. Rapamycin was from Calbiochem. Transcription assays were carried out in a 0. It appears that under such stress conditions, energy requirements are increased, and induction of the Glut1 isoform is therefore instrumental in cellular adaptation.

This is one specific area where the dock comes into its own. Thus, the activation of Glut1 by prolonged low grade oxidative stress may not be identical to that exerted by chronic exposure to insulin. About Us Just Laptops Ltd was set up in with a focus on supplying reliable and affordable second user laptop related equipment. Our current Free Prizedraw!!


In contrast, no similar effect of rapamycin was observed on oxidative stress-induced elevation of Glut1 mRNA levels and glucose transport activity. Review controls Readers comments Print this review Watch this article link to this review. Under the same conditions, oxidative stress-induced AP-1 activation is also inhibited, kington may provide circumstantial evidence for a direct or indirect role for AP-1 in Glut1 transcriptional activation following oxidative stress.

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A unique wedge design allows you to place your laptop onto the docking station and thereby adds airflow to aid cooling. For more information about the warranties we offer please visit our ‘Warranty’ Store page which is linked from the left navigation of this page.

It provides the user, when at home or in the office, with a quick and simple means 333667 connecting their notebook to an external monitor as well as full-size keyboard, mouse, the network and other peripherals. It has a wedge-shaped profile so that, when under the rear of the notebook it improves ventilation. Increased binding activity of AP-1 and SRE to DNA is observed in response to oxidation and may mediate Glut1 transcriptional activation in response to oxidative stress.

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The amount of radioactivity in the scintillation fluid the acetylated chloramphenicol diffuses into the organic scintillation fluid was determined as a function of time up to 24 h. The final pellet was resuspended in 0. While rapamycin completely prevented the activation of glucose transport and Glut1 following chronic exposure to insulin, no similar effect on the induction of Glut1 in response to oxidative stress was observed Fig.


This transcription factor has been shown to mediate Glut1 transcriptional activation in response to insulin exposure This suggests a specific effect of oxidative stress on the transcriptional regulation of the Glut1 gene.

The Kensington notebook expansion dock with video model KEUB is easy to use and brings a number of the advantages of a desktop machine to the notebook user. For example, increased mRNA stability may develop as a consequence of an earlier occurring enhancement of the transcription rate if mRNA degradation mechanisms become rate-limiting.

Among the three transcription factors known to have a potential binding site on enhancer 1, AP-1 and SRE are shown to be activated in response to oxidative stress Fig. The serum-responsive element and AP-1 but not the cAMP-responsive element showed increased binding capacity following oxidative stress.

View this article with LENS. Its gene expression is regulated in different cell types by various stimuli. Click here if you’ve forgotten your password. You may inlude URLs http: As shown in Fig. In this study, we investigated further the cellular mechanisms by which Glut1 expression is increased following exposure to oxidative stress.

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Gel shift assays were performed with nuclear knigston of L6 myotubes as described by Dignam et al. Click here for free membership! H 2 O 2 has been shown to increase cellular protein tyrosine phosphorylation by altering the tyrosine kinase-to-phosphatase balance and was further demonstrated to exhibit insulinomimetic effects 33 ,