Firmware Release History Release Date: It still functions to pass packets, but e. I noticed a big improvment in signal by switching from diversity antenna to single antenna, right or left didn’t seem to matter. JoeMalone Anon Dec 4: Should I use this version or the one you attached in your message.

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I reverted back to 1.

But in larger companies, the private network has to be protected from employees. Any ideas for a WikiWord that doesn’t suck? I hit the website to digup the tech support number did a search on google and got through after a minute or two on Friday Night 6pm from Alaska 10pm EST.

A bit of a hole I would say It still functions to pass packets, but e. It is worth reading more about how to reset routers with the 30 30 30 reset and what the risks and considerations are when resetting your router this way, instead of just rebooting it.

Supports Short Preamble and Long Preamble.

I’ve downloaded the firmware from the website but to my amazement there is no instructions on how to upgrade. CaseyHalverson has posted some notes on why it’s bad.


If you’re trying to set a fragment threshold below bytes, you’re in a rude trip with the WAP So, long and short: I reset the WAP to factory settings and then was able to upload the upgrade 1st time no problem using the cgi script in its web-based setup.

Linksys WAP11 v2.8

Here are the release notes. Works flawlessly so far with Orinoco and an SMC card.

I tried repeatedly to upload the 1. This would logicaly impede having the WAP11 in AP client mode associate to more than one AP; you’d probably never have two within range of each other on the same channel, and v1.1 probably want to run non-overlaping AP’s for backup or redundancy.

Linksys WAP11 v1.1

Time True access-point client STAtion functionality, that is mode would you’d think not require you to set a channel. Time To change the lunksys power without using the silly windows tools, snmpset Which do you recommend? Anyone on your network that has downloaded the configuration program from Linksys’s website can reconfigure your bridge at their will.


I can’t believe that the wap11 2. If you happen to read this again, let us know if it comes back with a new firmware release for the 2. I surely wxp11 need some installer program?

[wireless] WAP11 ver upgrade firmware – Linksys | DSLReports Forums

FF6 Member Dec 4: Rental car lied [ Automotive ] by Jan Janowski. Similar routers WAP11 v2. The wired side has a fixed IP address, default Video doorbell without WiFi? This process usually works for resetting any router to it’s factory setting.

Too bad none of my pc cards support that. The SMC has much further distance. It’s not really important, it’s the only ap out there, but still When you change the settings, especially to settings other than Access Point you have to reset the device to get the settings to take full effect. What is your current IP address?