We check there is water going into the water heater and nothing has changed for the past 2 years. Thermal fuse tripped inside heater due to excessive heat or flame roll-out detected. Also, because it is a heat pump, the codes will likely be different than the ones for a gas heater. I just finished rebuilding the burner box and replaced some burner tubes. Does it flash a code? The code will only be three letters long. George, you should have a technician come take a look at the heater.

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Heater is off by programmed control of a Time Clock. I have a gas Raypak RP R that is about 10 years old.

To check the line, you need to get a professional out there to take a look. Since I m266q in, it has displayed HL2 after running for a little while hour or two. So it turns out that now when I start it with everything back normal, the heater fires without issue.

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What is wrong, any m266w for this random problem? We check there is water going into the water heater and nothing has changed for the past 2 years.

Raypak Tech Support — If you have a variable speed pump, sometimes this will flash if your pump drops to lower RPMs. Low power to transformer can cause a GVO fault. Poolside Chat Episode I have a rollout switch open code on my heater model number cra-en-c I understand this is a flame issue and am wondering if there is a possible reset I can do to see if the message goes away.


Or the heater may need to be cleaned, ash and soot can build up in the burner tray suffocating the heater. At a loss on this one. I have an issue with my Raypak pool heater ra and hoping you can help. Pool heaters are not meant to run in temp that cold. Recommendations for a fix: Just a follow up.

If the two thermistors are more than 2 soujd apart, the SNS code will appear. Ran an inspection camera down the tubes and they do not appear sund be bad condition or have much buildup at all.

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The sound emanates from the gas valve m26a6. And how can i fix it?!? Hello MD — I sent your question to a Raypak tech that works with Inyo, and he provided the following answer:. I get no error code, system just says heating. Heaters, though, can be rather tricky without the manual.


My heater is reading CFH…this is not in the code definition. The answer of what the TAb code means can vary depending on the model.

ASRock M266A, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

In order for the touchpad to operate, they must take the heater aound out of remote mode- by holding down the UP and DOWN buttons for 3 seconds.

That seems more like a firmware version instead of a code. Do you have any idea which part or parts could be bad?

Heater seems to work fine, I have to turn it off when it reaches desired temperature. Where are the thermistors located?

I quickly contacted my pool builder, he suggested shutting it off for 20 minutes and trying again, but i left i about an hour and still no good?!? Check wiring for burns- especially the ground wire and wires at gas valve.

What is the actual code that reads on your display?