The alternative is to remove pulseaudio, and select the microphone USB audio in Skype options. Registered protocol family 10 [ 2. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Plays nicely together with built-in laptop camera for switching cams in both applications. JamesWard jamesward22 wrote on Syntek USB Camera built-in

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PulseAudio is working better with it. When I upgraded it using the kernel-team ppa to 2. Not just with Skype, but also Cheese.

No VRS found [ Creative Webcam PD 9. Please let us know your results. Agmenor 7, 14 55 Logitech QuickCam Chat Works with Cheese, xawtv, but not with Camorama.

Skype and Web Cameras

Loading ov51x-jpeg without forceblock-option results in a black video stream for Skype, while it works fine using Cheese.

Interpreter enabled [ 0. Only oddity is vc-1000 — works if you stop your video and then restart. I ran up a new clean install on an HP machine I had in the corner and still no joy at all. JamesWard jamesward22 wrote on Attached scsi generic sg0 type 5 [ 2.


SkypeWebCams – Ubuntu Wiki

I tried searching the web without any luck. Neither Skype nor Ubuntu. Logitech Quickcam for Notebooks 7. The driver name will appear on the line starting with “videodev”.

Skype for Linux- camera isn’t working

To post a comment you must log in. On some systems, it has been said one can make microsift work with Skype by using gstfakevideo. Start video app doesn’t matter which in this case Cheese.

BenQ Ubunty S32B built-in 1. The error message stated that you mistyped something since even “x” was not given eXtract however you wrote you typed “zxvf” so there is the “x” there Last month it recognized the camera, but test screen was black – this month it works. SkypeWebCams last edited If your webcam works with V4L2but not with V4L you can check this with gstreamer-propertiesyou may try one of these hacks.

Registered protocol family 24 [ Plays nicely together with external USB laptop camera for switching cams in both applications.


Works out of the box. ISO CD images are available from http: Works out of the box with Cheese and Skype, x max. You need to download driver from http: Microphone may suffer from “clicking sound” issue see https: Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. You may need to modify the “Sound in” device in the “Sound devices” options menu, to point to USB device as appropriate instead of Default.