Overview Topics Products People Change log. The layout of the keyboard is well thought out. This unit gives you a taste of basically everything you need to create music. This compact wee unit is cool as its got the lot! Works fine here, installed it just yesterday, during my search for driver I found your question. Write a user review.

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FlyMuzic January 0- What is nice is it only midimqn three buttons. This unit gives you a taste of basically everything you need to create music.

Moreover – this baby oxygrn be powered via USB, that means you can make your loops in a subway, in a car, in a park – everywhere! The 25 keys were midimaan to pick up a fine touch and will not buckle if you hammer them.

I found that I really didn’t use synths in a way that required me to have the midi control so it was no problem to not have. All I needed is a way to sequence live play into my tracks which this thing does perfectly. It has a lot of different soft knobs that can be configured to different midi functions which can be very useful when inputting into your recording program.


User reviews: M-Audio Oxygen 8 – Audiofanzine

So ease of use in my situation is a At those prices the M-Audio Oxygen 8 V2 is oxyhen excellent choice. Christopher Dyer March 31, Will the Oxygen 8 v1 work with Windows 10? I give the features a 9 simply because it’s not for the true piano player, theres just not enough keys.

They had a few of these in my college that I had midimsn. Try one out if you like the feel of it, get it. It only has 25 keys, but it’s easy to flip through octaves. And unfortunately it’s currently unavailable on the m-audio website.

Midiman M-Audio Oxygen 8 25-key USB Midi Controller Keyboard

I don’t spend much time figuring out my melodies and midimxn them with mouse anymore. Unless it was a fluke this thing is not going to fall apart on you. This is a pain when you can’t remember what exact setting you had had on before. Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. Hi there, I had a question I was wondering if anyone could answer.

Midiman Oxygen 8 (v1)

It’s good, but I wouldn’t drop it or anything like that Our members also liked: Install that driver, connect your Oxygen 8 to computer and play midimsn, have fun I’m sure I won’t get rid of this keyboard even after buying something more serious. It is very lightweight and easily portable to wherever you might need to take it.


But I only had usage of this in a college multimedia computer lab. Granted, things have gotten smaller since the release. It would be nice misiman the keys were slightly lower to the surface it is sitting on.

This means that when you try to adjust one of your on screen settings using the knob, it will automatically snap to where the physical knob is.

Konu Stephen April 26, Though I still recomend you to read the manual. The mood in here. I think the next step for me will be moving up to a larger keyboard with the same features.