Most modern controllers from any manufacturer will support XInput fine so it’s only an issue with older hardware. Microsoft Xbox JR Gamepad No ratings or reviews yet. I’m not saying the controller is bad, and I don’t see why it is so important for you to defend it. So it’s a stupid decision. When it comes down to particular devices with particular outputs to the computer, you have to accommodate them specifically, and game-makers don’t tend to focus their time on that stuff, especially if the parent-companies are competing for market-share.

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Why would you use a controller for a PC game? Wouldn’t that be equally applicable for controllers then? Like, the output from the controller will always meet certain conditions using all of the functions of the controller they will never differand then you sort joystock balance your game around those input schematics and the possibility of the controllers inputs.

I don’t care about his opinion, but his attitude is very degenerating towards developers or people who play on consoles. MS comes from the PC industry and even though many feel its recent PC support has been lackluster bordering on being an outright negative influence, myself moyse, it’s still a business they know.

I am also glad we have the user-made alternatives that free us from hardcoded restrictions Whose very existence should prove theirs some market there, even if it’s obviously not the largest considering the torrid of downvotes I got everytime Boogeymna mentioned I had a dissenting opinion about the ‘s design.

So, say you go to play some fun game on PC originally developed on one console or the systfms, but it has pad support!


Take Halo for example, a fairly ubiquitous game though it’s clear that if anything you’re a PS3 fa, but bear with me. It’s not like controller technology has changed much in the last years.

The most common, easily understood option today is the trigger control. Talk about overcomplicating things. Start sending letters to your favorite game developers. Looks like it’s still being sold to me.

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Can we at least get Steam to say “Xbawks enabled” instead of “Gamepad enabled”?! You are very set in your stance, though, so I don’t know what else to tell you. As amateur game dev myself, I can say that adding a generic gamepad support isn’t a huge effort in part of the developer, though definitely harder than just using the built-in features of XNA.

But the driver is signed by Microsoft so I doubt but can’t be sure there isn’t anything “extra” in it. Even before the current gen came out, controllers were evolving. Tutorials and HUDs display the actual buttons on the pad, rather than telling you to press ‘E’ and requiring you to do mental remaps in your head. The psp go has a save state option that can be used for PS1 games.

There’s a YouTube episode by “My Life in Gaming” where they break down the best way to play ps1 games. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. On a sidenote, which software do you use for using PS3 via bluetooth?

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They were also buttons. There have been around 5 games recently I have bought or DLed the demo for, expecting to be able to recline in my chair and use my Logitech PS3-like controller, sysetms to have it be non-responsive, with a small asterisk in the corner saying “Only supports controller”.


Honestly, I’m not sure we can have a valid conversation with you at this point, because you seem to be very set on your opinion. There are a handful of differences between the API’s mluse make it annoying to use both at the same time. Look into boogeuman Xboxce program. I actually used my PS3 controller for awhile but the hacked drivers would stop working periodically and I gave up. Really, it makes life as a game developer so much easier.

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What happens in the game? XPadder looks like a simple freeware application that will suit your needs. Pretty sure those games are all XInput enabled, and the controller is just the most popular one. At least we have external programs that can do what the developers wouldn’t most of the time.

You may also like. Super Meat Boy plays way better with the controller, even if you’re using the analog stick over the D-pad. I think it was the perfect size for gaming and it made it portable and easy to take anywhere you could plug it in.