The is my learning curve so I’ll try to get her up and running and stick with her with what I have, until I have built my first build, and if I find a small hard disk drive to fit my , I will try to add it to the Dos and Windows does the same thing, and the first software partition on a drive is always partition zero, not 1. Following your suggestion I ran a diagnostic test with SeaTools DOS – the Long Test was completed within the split second that I clicked my mouse – and got the following result: Older bioses may not detect a drive at all if it is jumpered Slave and is on a data cable by itself, or if it is jumpered CS Cable Select and on the middle connector of a 3 connector data cable by itself. Of course, it may be hard to determine whether someone else is using the same Product Key, but the way I see it is, if you’re not aware that someone else is using the same key, there’s nothing wrong with you using it. NO – at least, no way that I know of.

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The problem with that is if you ever need to re-load Windows or the original brand name software installation from scratch, you lose everything on the partition Windows was installed on, and when you have only one visible partition on the hard drive, that’s everything on the drive – unless you copy the data you don’t want to lose to elsewhere BEFORE you install Windows from scratch most people don’t bother, and lose all their data.

When the computer is running and the floppy drive has been enabled properly in the bios Setup settings, if there is nothing wrong with the drive’s circuit board, the led should come on briefly when you first insert a floppy disk even when only the power connector is connected to the drive. What you need to do if buying an drive larger than GB is to partition it so the primary partition is smaller than GB. Where I am in Canada, the smallest commonly locally available IDE size is 80gb, the next one up, gb.


The mboard’s bios produces a mboard error beep or pattern of beeps, other than the normal short beep you get when nothing is wrong, when something isn’t right, to give you a crude indication of what has gone wrong during the POST Power On Self Test even if you have no video. If someone has set the drive to a lesser mode, then that’s the only thing the bios can detect, unless the drive is re-set to it’s “native” mode or similar.

MS | Hp MS GV Socket Motherboard

Yay, I’m learning a lot. If you get a drive larger than that, e. OtheHill In response to 73 above, “I was assuming the floppy disk was being booted to at start up. If you have an internal floppy drive, it’s quite easy to do the procedure of providing the SATA drive controller drivers you need on a floppy disk while loading the initial files from an XP CD.

You can download some versions of Linux for free, but it takes quite m-6714 while to download it all on a slower internet connection.

MSI MS 6714 Ver 5, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

This doesn’t make sense to me, because if the Repair installation method is not available ks-6714 Setup for the Windows CD’s, why ,s-6714 I want the Product Key, unless I borrowed a CD from someone to install it from scratch and therefore needed to determine the Product Key using a third party program such as Magic Jelly Beanbut then, because I am not the owner of the Product Key, it would be illegal to use it if the owner of ms-6741 had it installed in another computer?

You need to remove the jumper completely assuming that is the only drive on the cable. I believe MaxBlast can be installed in and up, and with both MaxBlast and the other one, once the software has been installed on a computer, you can make a bootable CD with a version of the software on it that will allow you to boot a computer with it and copy an entire bga data contents to another hard drive even when or XP or up is NOT on any hard drive on the computer – you may be able to do that with other hard drive manufacturer’s similar software as well.


Look in your mboard manual. Is there a difference between copying and burning a CD?

More and more PCs are shipped without floppy drives these days, and it vgx such a royal pain when you need to run diagnostic tools on them. You didn’t mention anything about any video adapter. In older bioses it’s size and parameters cylinders, heads, etc. When the format has finished, m-6714 will see a summary. You guys are so kind responding to me down here in South Africa! Old floppy disks often develop bad sectors on them over time.

All modern hard drives have a certain small percentage of the drive’s space reserved for that purpose. Several times I tried to make a bootable floppy with Western Digital, but no luck, there was just no way I could run the Dlgdiag.

I have income tax preparation software that has that situation for some files. Have you tried letting Seatools do the repair? Please mss-6714 that you are using the version of diagnostic utility corresponding to either newer or older Western Digital drives.

Unfortunately, your Seagate hard drive has failed an important diagnostic test, possibly caused by problem sectors which are difficult to read.

Got this throw-away computer. All conventional laptop 2. The led should come on when you first insert a disk while the computer is running. Will I loose the data on this hard drive if I disconnect it?

In theory it’s possible for the mboard or drive controller card in a mboard slot circuits connected to the floppy vfa IDE data header to have been damaged, but I have fiddled with maybe a hundred computers and I’ve never encountered that.

However XP may work better than Vista or Windows 7 on the because you have a 2gb memory ram limit for the mboard – the latter require more ram to do the same things. If you press that key after Setup has Restarted the computer the first time, you will be starting to load the files from the CD from the beginning again.