The Main Menu allows you to select from twelve setup functions and two exit choices. Computer Components Study Guide In this lesson, we will briefly explore the basics of identifying the parts and components inside of a computer. This terminal offers highly enhanced features, with easy connection to various optional More information. Head Number of heads. Then return to pin position. J22 Optional Intel spec This connector allows you to connect to the front panel audio. The system doesn t stop for a disk error.

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Please write down the password and keep the guide properly.

No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form except as permitted by ECDL. When OFF, pressing the button can turn the system on. Overheating will seriously damage the CPU and system, always make sure the cooling fan can work properly to protect the CPU from overheating. Locate the USB port on your computer. lxn

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After clearing the message it will go back to Enabled. The hard disk will geneink work properly if you enter improper information for this category. Neither this manual, nor any of the. Settings range from This would prevent unauthorized use of your computer. T is a utility that monitors your disk status to predict hard disk failure.


On Reboots the computer.

MSI 694T Pro User Manual: Installing Genelinkā„¢ Lan Driver

Press the Apply Changes button to enable the option you choose. Furthermore, you should install the dedicated software application in the operating system, which is provided by MSI, to obtain the overall protection on your system.

Specify an unique name for your computer if it doesn t have and fill in the name of your workgroup. The information stored in memory will be used to restore the PC to the previous state when an wake up event occurs.

Where as the BGA coolers we are most familiar with attach directly to the PCB by means of small plastic pegs, or if it is a real quick job, by adhesive genleink tape.

Typing N will return to the Setup Utility. If anything is damaged or missing, contact your dealer. When you are installing the CPU, make sure the CPU has a heat sink and genslink cooling fan attached on the top to prevent overheating. If set to Setup, password prompt only occurs when trying to enter Setup.

Getting Started Getting Started Chapter. The Advanced window appears. Avoid setting J20 while the sytem is on.


Reserved The IRQ will be reserved for further request. If you select Depend on Password, your need to assign an access password for this ms. Auto, MHz, MHz.

MSI Pro2 PCSTATS Review – Onboard features and more

For complete warranty details and a list of our worldwide offices, More information. Venelink terminal offers highly enhanced features, with easy connection to various optional.

This special feature is very useful for the overclocking users. This guide is designed to acquaint you with the features and functionality of the More information. Neither this manual, nor any of the More information. Any changes or modifications not expressly approved by the grantee of this device could void the user s authority to operate the device.

This chapter contains the following topics: Trademarks All trademarks used in this manual are the property of their respective owners.