A shame, as the company in general is very innovative. However, I am most disappointed with the software. The scroll wheel is utter crap. It would have been nice however, to see the whole unit charged via USB2. Rechargeable with a rapid-charging base station and a lithium-ion battery. I wanted DOS back because it was easier for me to type commands.

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God knows why Logitech chose to engineer all these features out of their software: A little bit of sweat, and the logo wears off, almost completely. In other words the mouse is dead! The weight is just right, the battery meter is a good idea and never goes down, due to the amazing battery lifethe charger is great, the reception is AMAZING, the added buttons are extremely useful and well-designed If you are scrolling a long document you get down maybe a page and a half and suddenly it jumps to the top again.

The best Chromebook Changing place of receiver resolve all problems for me. Lasser review looks like the writing of a sixteen-year-old high school dropout. I like to use the ‘back’ button for browsing the web, and also for ‘use’ and ‘enter vehicles’ in UT, but if i set this for UT, the button ceases to work when browsing, and vice versa.


I have used mine for about 3 months now and it has worked great for only about 3 weeks of that. This is really only an issue when gameing, but that’s my primary use for my PC. Illuminated 4-level battery indicator. Surface Smoothness or roughness: When I got it home its size was a small problem for me, but after reading the instructions, I learned the proper way to hold the mouse.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse Specs – CNET

I read the forums posts detailing what they did to get these problems Every single customer I have recommended the mouse to has come back and said to me.

After that all sorts of erratic cursor behaviour and lag appear. It stopped “clicking” and would stick. Last usable Setpoint version for this with Vista is still 3. It tops the league table by a country mile mx1000 the list of the worlds most useless items money can buy, easily beating the solar powered torch, and heated refrigerator. This was initially quite annoying.

Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review – DV Hardware

I took it apart and it was simply the button wore out. I’m sure Logitech wont fix the problem, they’d rather you just buy a new mouse. You’ll find three programmable keys above your thumb and three more, including the scrollwheel itself, are on the top. It jumps around and is not very accurate.


Also, update to the latest software Cursor is extremely erratic and mouse is unusable. I even found someone willing to sell you drivers for the mac that they had written themselves.

When I bought my computer with the optical mouse, I thought I was in heaven, until I started buying batteries. That means 3 years in store exchange for the same model or the one that replaces it.

Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

So you know that I use my mouse and lasser very intensively. Even worse is the lack of configurability in Logitech’s drivers. Intermittent left click issues forced me to call support and have them swap it out. Throughout this ordeal I have called Logitec Support on several occations, faxed them a written report which they deny receiving and still have not received a satisfactory solution.

Best Computer Accessories for I would’ve saved a lot of time if cordlexs read how many people had similar problems to my own before i purchased it. Our pick of the top Chrome OS laptops.